Chaos Kid - The Day it Dawned [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Chaos Kid
Album: If Only I Could Turn Off The Sun… I Would Show You A Brighter Day, Still in the Bassmint
Data wydania: 1992-10-14
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Manix

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Chaos Kid]
Here goes nothing
Cause' nothing is here
So something is near, what it is I don't know
But my cold soul can feel this presence
Though, the essence is not clear
What a health, dear, have patched ears before
When the door slams shut, even my whole world fucked up
Cause every time I look up, I come up with nothing
Now something is calling, I called her and I can't get her
So I sit up, and crawl over to the wall
Grabbed my pick, and begin to chip right through
One thousand and eighty-three times, I've been blinded by the darkness
Now my heart is blinded by the light too
If you only knew, the pain and the torture
Before the door tore off all the days were a horror
Now it's a scorcher, and I more than adore ya
I was blinded by your aura from the first day I saw ya'
I caught a quick glimpse, now I want a long gaze
I'm running through a maze
Dazed by the purple haze that you left for me
My first breath of reality the moment my anxiety was gone

[Song playing]

[Verse 2]
Knock knock, I've got to get
What she got, she got
Cause then you know, my God!
She got, a lot, do I have enough or not
I gotta' stop this, clock of nonsense
I can't breath then, wanna feel her inside
Know when the heart needs mine
Watching my dreams take forth
Coming out of, the store
Changing the cold to warm, all in the day at dawn
Extrasensory perception comes in, the blessed number of seven
If when in love, it's one percent inspiration
Ninety-nine percent perspiration, I'm sweating
The sixth sense is the mind, the evil number behind
The devastation of a love that the soul can create
So I'd shut it, close it, and open
The soul of the woman, who I want as my mate
Wait, Great great, ting-tong
My heart's bouncing like ping-pong, to spring on
Your harder than staying strong, and sing a song
So bring along your soul and hold on
Cause I'm lawful with the thought of calling you, cause it dawned upon me, my love
That we meant to be together, we were the enemies of the gov
Yet my fate, is to be enslaved
Raised by the encagement of your eyes, I realised
That you are my savior now, that the agony is gone
I've been baptized in the rays of the sunshine

[Song playing]

[Verse 3]
Speak to me, silently, your body's begging me
Spurring emotions through touch, there's nothing to say
Show me the way, there is no way to describe the vibes I feel Inside, besides kissing you
Listen to my heart beating, it's the drum that vibrates
My hands shake, the room quakes, your lips quiver, I shiver
And the tremor trembles and takes it to higher levels
I taste your thoughts and enter a dimension of romance, around my slow dance
My soul expands to grasp that, a chance for enlightenment
I sight the hype but I'm frightened, and then right when
My doubt occurs, my vision blurs
My nerves are unraveled as I develop my third eye
My-my-my, a sigh of relief will meet you a host found
The penetration is deep, now the tempo of our hips quickens
The sweat dripping from my face thickens
Till' we're swimming in an ocean, soaked in our motion
The motion makes the [?] that dove and swove
The thirst gets worse, until the thirst quenched and runs
And inserts the love that the dub has dispersed
And as we lay, quenched and drenched in heaven
The sensation spawns
And soak up the sun, on the day it dawned

[Spoken: Chaos Kid]
All over you

[Song playing]

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