Chaos Kid - Enuff is Enuff [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Chaos Kid
Album: Steppin' On To The Scene
Data wydania: 1990-03-03
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Bassmint Productions, DJ Buttafingaz, Manix

Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Chaos Kid and Manix]
CK: Man, uh... Damn, don't believe that bitch
M: Yo J, man, something wrong, man?
CK: Man, that-that girl I took the other night, man (Uhuh) She ganked me for my money, stole it right outta' my...
M: Gank you? How much she steal?
CK: She stole all my money plus my credit cards
M: Your credit cards, man?
CK: She stole everything
M: She took your AE? "American Express"?
CK: I'm telling you, everything
M: Man, that's fucked up
CK: I know, I'm telling you man, I don't believe that
M: Man, I've had it with these females, man, how 'bout you?
CK: Man, enough is enough, man, you know what I’m saying?
CK: I told you, man
M: I’m just saying, dawg
CK: guess cause enough is enough!
I mean, I’ve had it these females
I mean, like, is through (Yeah) man, cause' enough is enough!
M: Fuck them!
CK: So, yo, man, I mean, I'mma tell you about the situation I'm having
Delirious D, you know what? You gon' lay the vocals, and let's do this, get busy

[Hook: Delirious D]
Enough is enough
Enough is enough-nough, baby
Enough is enough, please, be by my side
Enough is enough
Enough is enough, my baby
Enough is enough, or get out of my life!

[Verse 1: Chaos Kid]
Man, enough is enough
Oh, I don't know about you
Because this happen to me a couple of times in a few
I met a [couple of?] girls in love and I really could care less
Cause' it took me one-and-up to get me out of this mess - yo, bust it
This girl, I never will forget her
December was the month, the day of the week I don't remember
I scheme a part of the way, I hope and prayed that I would get her
But she left a hole in my pocket, I wish I never woulda' met her
When I first stepped to her she was looking through her purse
It seemed that would wither, now I'm eternally cursed
I said "Hi, how you doing?" and "How was your day?"
She looked at me as if to say, "Please be on your way"
I thought "Okay" then walked away feeling low
But that's before she saw the name on my shirt though
"Yo" she said "I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude
But it seems you sorta' caught me in a grummy kinda' mood
If I can make it up to you, please give me a try"
She smiled at me and then winked with those big brown eyes
Now how could I deny?
She was finer than fine
In the back of my mind, was "your place or mine?"
But I skipped that thought
And slipped her my number
"Gimme' a call, one day or another
And we can get together, and spend some time"
But all she had in her mind was spending my last dime
But when she gave me a call, we decided on the mall
We went from store to store roaming hall to hall
She wanted expensive clothes, Guess jeans, a better time
I said "Yo baby, what are you, some sort of con?"
I've known you for an hour and you want a new wardrobe
But you can just forget it, I ain't buying you no clothes"
She didn't get angry, she just said a reply
"I don't want you for your money, what makes you think that I'm
That type of a person, see I don't live that way
I just dream about what maybe I could have some day
If I could go to college or a university
And become a doctor or receive a lawyer's degree
I felt really bad, I guess I really misjudged her
Though what happened after that
I shoulda' never of trusted her
I took her home that night she said "Goodbye"
And then hugged me, slipped the fingers in my pocket
Took my wallet, she mugged me
I didn't realize till' I got up the next morning
Looking for my wallet, all sleepy and yawning
I thought about what happened, hey, I know what's going down
Called her up, the phone is disconnected
Bitch's skipped town
I went over her house
Bust open the door
My wallet was laying smack dab on the floor
All the cash was missing and the plastic was gone
I thought the girl was [?] sleeping
Yo, I guess I was wrong
Man, one time that happened
It was too many, too much
So don't try to gank me girl
Enuff is Enuff

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
Yo, hold up
I almost forgot to tell you 'bout the time I went to jail
Because this girl, she was a seller
But when I first met her, she wasn't about all that
She said she worked around the corner at the local laundromat
But that was a lie, cause that night we went out
There were people coming up to her with pipes in their mouths
She tried to play it off, she tried to put 'em away
But these junkies even knew the lady by her first name
I thought "Oh my God, I'm dating the dealer"
She told me that she wasn't but off went her beeper
I said "What was that?", she said "Uh, just forget it"
Last that I hear is "Yeah I'm with it"
So we hop in the car and started rolling down the street
We decided that we oughtta' get something to eat
She told me she was kind of in a Mexican mood
So we stopped at [Cheat N Cheese?] to enjoy our food
When we got in the place the first thing that she mentioned
Was that she had to use the restroom, she'd be back in a second
She left and then I ordered us a table for two
And half an hour passed by, I'm thinking "What should I do?"
Fifteen minutes more, can't take it any longer
Got up, and went outside, starting looking 'til I found her
She was 'round the corner selling crack to some kids that looked
Just about old enough to crawl out of their cribs
I ran over to her, asked her "What're you doing? Selling drugs to some children, their lives are good as ruined"
She said "Why don't you leave, I got better things to do
Than to stand here all night and get lectured by you
It's hard to make a living I'm just earning some cash
So you can get out of here cause' I don't need your ass"
I grabbed the back of her head and I was really angry
About the time cops pulled up, but what do you know? She framed me
'Stead of saying she did it, she told 'em I was the one
That I was trying to mug her, and she was trying to run
They took me, and booked me and locked me up in a cell
Well let me tell you one night in jail ain't too far from hell
Maybe want to tussle with her but I don't have the recipe
Cause I try to play 'em but they always get the best of me
All I want is love so tell me, is that a sin?
Cause I pray to God, I'm coming yet I've never seen a win
Man, I swear one of these days I'm gonna call their bluff
But I've had it up to here, for now Enuff is Enuff
Kick it

[Hook x2]

[Outro: Chaos Kid and Delirious D]
CK: Give it to 'em!
D: Yeah!
Enuff is enuff
Enuff is enuff
Enuff is enuff
Enuff is enuff
Now, get out, get out, get out
Get out, get out, get out, get out
Get out, get out now! - Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! x4
CK: This was brought to you by Bassmint Productions
Manix the Producer, DJ Buttafingaz
Delirious D laying the vocals
And Chaos Kid, the MC
And we're about to step outta here
Cause Like my man's saying, enuff is enuff
Know what I'm sayin'
You gotta' get outta here
Peace! Give it to 'em

D: Nuff, nuff, nuff, nuff
Nuff, nuff, nuff, nuff, nuff
Nuff, nuff, nuff, nuff

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