Chaos Kid - Conceptual Corrections [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Chaos Kid
Album: If Only I Could Turn Off The Sun… I Would Show You A Brighter Day, Still in the Bassmint
Data wydania: 1992-10-14
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Manix

Tekst piosenki

[Chaos Kid] This is Chaos Kid, Conceptual Corrections
You wanna say "hi" guys?
[Manix]"Hi guys!"
[M&M]Hi guys
[Manix][...] freshman
[M&M] Aight, this M&M, I'm-I'm young, I'm white and I'm good
I'm good, and I'm white and I'm young
Did I say I was white, and I'm young? And I'm good?
[Chaos Kid] And that's all

[Verse 1]
Well, let's gets get it underway, undelayed
We're all geeked that I touched the [?]
And oh I'm so glad to stay, cause you're the [?]
I'll beat your ass to pink, but what you had to say
So it's a blast... (BLAST)
At last, scratched your mouth with it and then literally got trashed
Too many times I listen to your ignorant mouth flap
Spittin' out crack, now I snap back like a mousetrap
I'm not gonna point any fingers even though you're pointin' at me
I'm not gonna call any names even though you callin' at me
There's nothing to it, doing it's easy as your ABCs
Or someone's gonna hear my something over funky beats

Give it to 'em!
(I don't know)
We got your back, come on
Kick it to 'em!
(Think I should?)
He's got a life debt, put 'em in check!
(Do I got [?]) nough' respect!
Yo let's get this correct!

[Verse 2]
I'm [flooring?] Excedrin [CL?]
I should have been prepared with the voluble
But even that could have stooped
For using extreme [help?]
And from the moment I made my entrance
I was alone to die of your [relentless?]
That was the only (CHOICE) that I (KNOW)
Nothing to have a (VOICE) to suit, for that [HO?]
Everywhere I [turned?], each had a [?]
Told me how to live [?] to go by
We're looking [?], though
[?] with the hand I was being dealt
I might as well melt, cause the fact to see
See, it's nothing to my [peers?] like it's the feet of my family
But I refuse to be abused, to let them tell me
Who to be, what to do, well
Let them sell me a dream, I don't wanna purchase
And you can't make my dreams seem worthless
Cause everyone has the right to be their own person
Even if they get to [?] at the side of me
I'll lift this culture, tried and true
And take pride, in what I do
Paid my dues, so what's up dudes
You can call me nigga, but you looking like fools
It's been four years, bitches started to judge
It's been four years, and I still hate fudge
Cha-os Kid, and the name goes [smudge?]
This is mixed, that the [?] don't give a (FUDGE)
I never did it, till' they did it to another to make them
Hate, and degrade, like Satan
This kind of mentality that disgusts me in '92
Who's getting your family through, duke?
It's on [?]
Ku Klux Klan, clan clusks coo, puke
And that's just an example of how I get trampled
Proof, [?] this [?]
Break it down!

[Beat unfolds]

[Verse 3]
(Put 'em in check!) I'll check 'em
Until you put them in stakes, I can't taste the venom
You can't catch me being caught
I give their food for thought
When they're in the mood to [thwart?]
They say "you white!", I say
"But what am I gonna do?
They say "act [?]" but I know that my soul's true
[?] delicate people the global
If you even will [?], how do you know who
You are, then you're [blumming?], coming to [?] defeat us
[?], that's a [?] with Jesus
If you're eyes aren't tridimensional, then you never seen us
Take a look inside the [supper?] 'fore you decide to [?]
There's always so much, a man's feeling can take one
And paper is the only [?] you will break them
The anger built to build [?], cause nobody knows how I feel
I feel now, (ugh!) yeah

[Hook 2 x2]
Put 'em in check
Test the intellect
The misconception needs to be corrected
Put 'em in check
Test the intellect
Conceptual corrections

[Verse 4]
Intellectual correctional
Fuck the race poll, I'm an exception to the rule
I [?] and educate ya', bigger than [Richard Cutchers?]
Look in the stereotype, I said "Devil, I'm another level"
With the [shovel?] scoop, the whole [?]
And show me the top [?] I ain't giving it back to [?] trying to stop me
As Sloppy as Joe, I'm throwing the [?] in your direction
Cut in the [foe?] in the circulation
With the [title?] the vocal section
But the eyes [?] has an artist [?]
I be the smarter, start at no [?]
I might have the largest amount, to contribute
Till' I'm [?] in youth
And if you want proof, then here's a moment of truth
So they [?] be alive in this profession, hm
I'm think [?] cause of my complexion
Wait a second, let her be raised
Question my way, I'm a [?]
To see the [?] new grades
Should I look questions [?], or should I be cursed
Who works the good, better, who's worse than you first
To rap, I'm juggling on and gambling on
I say you push the pressure, but [?], it's such a [?]
Catch the drift? Rap star [?] strictly black
The rockstar [?] strictly [what at?]
You ever stop to wonder what's an undercover
Better than other [?] underneath each other
[?] who died
[?], hear the message I deliver
Because they give it such a [?]
[?] with your head [oversized?]
And makes me wanna cackle

[Hook 2 x2]

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