Charlie Q - The Challenger [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Charlie Q
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Charlie Q]
Ask your bitch like whatcha say, I'm too nice with extra E's
Girls they all love my swagger, guys they all want my C's
I hear you talking, tell em all to pipe down
You cannot handle me, you are a fucking clown
You ain't got shit to say to me, leave it in your dungarees
Talk shit, get hit, that's only if you fuck with me
Don't come around saying shit like "what's up?" to me
I don't wanna hear shit, bitch, bow down, look up to me
Don't talk if you ain't got shit to say
I never give a fuck like I got none to waste
I've never been one to brag about myself
But y'all don't understand me, so I'm hoping this might help
I am just a white kid, but don't call me typical
I didn't grow up like one, call it bi-literal
I can speak to black kids cause I know Ebonics
It doesn't sound right when they try, that's just honest
I am a white kid with a black mentality
I got my black card in my pocket, here it is, you wanna see?
I took your spot at the top of the league
For those who look me up on Twitter, that's just to follow me
I'm here for everyone, up from the bottom
We had to make one attempt to try to top em
We're just chilling now, put our faces on the totem pole
I run with the crew your parents told to leave alone
That's my squad, my crew's type of wolf pack
If you bark with us, bitch, yeah, we bite back
Call me Mr. Alpha Male, you already know the deal
You are just a chicken like a five-piece nugget meal

It's a bonfire, it's a, it's a bonfire (x3)
Throw these haters and these challengers upon the bonfire

[Verse 2: MC Freeman]
Yo, my tactics nonidentical to any other tentacles
You octopussy rappers spitting lyrics so nonsensical
Puking out your ink sacs lyricals of pure confusion
Black crap everywhere, is this rap or air pollution?
I won't entertain that notion, I spit poetry in motion
In these waters I swim good like I was Frank Ocean
And if you think I'm messing, man, your hating is depressing
Especially since you need rap's equivalent of swim lessons
Come put your floaties on, tiny like Napoleon
My balling will capture your attention like a Pokemon
Just call me Ash Ketchum, cause I'm about to wreck em
Rising to the top above these cheaters, I'mma chin-check em
MC Freeman, superior to Paul the Kidd
And all these other kids who didn't kill it but they say they did
My raps should be in Mensa, yours should be in Dumb and Dumber
If you wanna challenge me for dissing, I'll take all comers
You don't faze me, bro! I rap exactly like a taser
Shocking y'all, shoop da whoop, I'mma firing my laser
Pew pew like Buck Rogers, or maybe Flash Gordon
See, man? that meant something, your shit is just unimportant
You just spit some stupidness that no one can relate to
Charlie Q and me is better just cause we was made to
I don't need your attitude, so show me some gratitude
Cause I'm the only rapper keeping you from getting badder, dude
Above you on the ladder, dude, like glasses I'mma shatter you
My eyesight is 20/20, I see clearly, how about you?
See? No, you don't, that's the reason why you gonna fail
You gonna have to read these lyrics with your hands like Louis Braille

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