Charlie Row Campo - Danger Zone [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Charlie Row Campo
Album: The Danger Zone
Data wydania: 2005-01-01
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Khool Aid Of Pocos Pero Locos]
Shouts Out To All My Homies In Whittier What's Up?
Introduce The Cut Homie

[Chino Grande]
That's Right, This Pocos Pero Locos
You Listening To The New Jam We Got It's Called "Danger Zone"
Check For The Video On The Net
All My Cyber Bangers You Could Find It

Yeah That's Right
This Is Ese Guch
From That Infamous Charlie Row Campo
Bring You That Charlie Row
Big C Kick That Shit

[Verse 1: Chino Grande]
Hit The Block
Cars Hop They Jock
Girls Flaunt They Talk
And Still Clock A Fan Out
Big C (Thats Right)
I Let Them Know
Creased Up G’d Up
By Be Veterano
With A Click Full Of Killers
Bald Headed Tattoos
Reading Nothing But Whittier
So Fresh And So Clean
Live My Life Like A Dream
And All My Homeboys Posted Up
With Them Old Memories
Got That Evil Ass Look
With A Tilted Brim
Ese All Chuko'd Down
Baby Jokes In The Pen
Damn Homeboy
Ain't A Damn Thing Changed
So When The Homie Touched Down
We Pursue The Damn Thing

[Verse 2: Travie]
Hit Them Streets Up Baby
With That Uptown Stylo
On A Fucking Mission
Just To Stack Them C-Notes
I Gotta Get Paid
Now I'm On Parole
Comstock & Whittier
Is Where I Call Home
Rollin In My Ride
Just A Little Bit High
High Of The Chronic
And That Chocolate Tie
I Won't Stop
Ese Watch This Ranfla Hop
I'm A Everybody Killa
Anybody Get Shot

[Chorus: Chino Grande]
Bounce, Roll, Skate On Threes
Ese That's How We Do It
In The City Of Dreams
L.A. Don't Play
Click Clack Them Toys
Better Be On Your Toes
And Watch Out For Them Boys
Straps Clap, Bullets Release
Anybody In The Way
Feel The Wrath Of These G’s
Heavily Hitting
Sitting On Chrome
And Ese That's How We Do It
In The Danger Zone

[Verse 3: Midget Loco]
SKS, Tec-9s, AKs & The Sweepers
I'm The Boyle Heights Creeper
With My Hand On My Heater
Semi-Automatic Fools
Homie Take You To School
Homies Posted On First Streets
Still Paying Tha Dues
PCP Glass
We Ain't Pisto & G.B.’s
Ya’ll Should Of Known
Bout’ That Midget G
I Need No Introduction
First Class Seduction
Rucas Always On The Jock
Cause I'm Always In To Something

[Verse 4: Trouble From Brownsdie]
I'm That Scandalous Gangsta Native
Always Riding With Tokes
So Just Be Trucha
What You Saying
Before You End Up Smoked
Ese Fucking With Me
Affiliated With The Brownside
I Bang That Sur 13
This For My Gente On Lock
And For My Homeboys In The Varrio
Who Stay Patrolling The Block
Ese You Know Who We Be
Belone on Eastern And B
The City Of The Gardens
Who Stay Promoting This Beat
Cause I Live My Life Like A G
Strapped Down & Tatted In The Regal
Ese Smashing On E
And Dump On Anybody Out There
Who Ain't Claiming Like Me
So Best Be Watching Your Back
Cause I Be Known For Slashing Throats
And Pistol Whippin You Smacks
Who Get To Wuffin That Shit
Talking Like You Wanna Bail
Til That Ass Get Hit
And Sangre Drip To The Floor
And You Find
I Ain't The One
You Really Want To Explore
I'm South Side Til The Core
Shit I'm The Reason Your Jefa Crying
Soon As You Step Out That Door


[Verse 5: Baby Jokes]
How Do I Explain?
This Shit I Bring
They Release For The Gate
And You Know My Name
It's Official
I Let Them Gun Shots Riddle
Broke Me Off For 5
Man That Shit Ain't Simple
How Come So Many Room
In These Darky Room
Fool Playin By The Rules
Damn Phonies Will Lose
Get Excited
Cause I'm Bringing Straight Guidance
Bang Me On That Amp
Little Homies Are Riding

[Verse 6: Lil Tripper]
A Young G, Tryin To Get My Fame
They Call Me Tripper Loco
And I'm New To The Game
Twenty Years Old
Charlie Row To The Fullest
Riding Gangster Hits
Cause Nobody Else Do It Like Us
C Grande, Midge, Shadow, Travie & OG ??
Baby Jokes In The Pen
Much Love And Respect
Goofy Tripper Loco From The C-Row Click

[Chorus] (x2)

[Chino Grande]
That's Right Homie
This Rola Dedicated
To All The Fallen Soldados
Big Tokes 41st

And My Perro
Big Moricio Ramos AKA The Cuervo
Southside Brains

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