Charlie Row Campo - Dipping In My Chevrolet [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Charlie Row Campo
Album: The Camponeros
Data wydania: 2010-01-01
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Chino Grande]
See Me Riding On My Enemies
Posted Where My Killas Be
Dippin' In That All Black Truck
Living That Killafornia Gang Life
Dippin' Throwing Gang Signs
So We Ain't Giving A Fuck (Giving A Fuck)
Good Homies Die Young
It What Was Firmly Promised
Corpy, Monster, Cobra, Boomer, Sleepy, Trusty Doggie
I'm A Give It Up For Ace
Young Homies That's Gone
Ain't No "S" On My Chest
Just The Hood On My Dome
Reflected By Chrome
Jump Behind The Bell Piece Holmes
That's Why I Always Got The Heata
So They Leave Me Alone
I Ain't Trying TO Be Bad
I Got Nothing To Prove
I Miss My Boys Big Muggs, Crook, Toro & Troops
These The Fellas
That's Why I Could Never Be Jealous
I Respect, I Pay Em Homage
For The Things That They Tell Us
Paved A Way For Lil Homies
On The Turf You Want
A Lil Return Of Gang Signs & The Gangsta Talk

[Chorus: Chino Grande]
See Me Dipping In My Chevrolet
We Know
When We Riding On Our Enemies
We Go
Jumping Out & Throwing Gang Signs
Homie It's The Gang Life
It's Why I Got The Hood On My Head

Fiesty 2 Guns (Verse 2):
Some Say I Got This Sickness
Some Say My Minds Possessed
Will I Keep On Banging On The Block
Until There's Nothing Left?
My Breath Reaks Of Vengeance
For The Lost Souls Of My Friends
Let It Go.. Noo!
Not Until Unfolding My Revenge
It Never Ends
I'm Killin' One They'll Be Back Again
And The Laughter I Once Had
Will Turn Back Into Anger Friend
I'll Play This Madness
Until Its My Turn To Be Dead & Gone
I'll Live & Learn
I Don't Think Of How My Life Went Wrong
And When I Leave My Door
Will It Be My Last Time?
I'll See My Family
Fading In A Past Life
And When I Cash In My Soul In To The Reaper
Will He Take Me To The Stairs
Or Will He Take Me Somewhere Deeper
And All This Here Is For Respect From My Peers
If I Try To Do What's Right
Will My Friends Disappear? Yeah
It's All I See & All I Know
So I Won't Do It
I'll Live By The Gun
And I'll Surrender To The Bullet

[Chorus] (x2)

Baby Jokes (Verse 3):
See I'm A Bang Till My Grave
Till They Take Me Away
Big Clefs Why "G"?
Why They Take You Away?
See I'm A Hold On Strong
Bang The Fucking Home
Tell You Right Now
Motherfuckers Gonna Get Dome'd
I Walk Around With My Lil Homies
Yeah Why? Where They From?
213 Fucking East Side
See It's Embedded
Told Me Homie Better Get It
What You Left On Sprucey
We Still Reppin
Ain't Nothing Change
The Pigs Still Give Us Chase
We Asked Each Other
Why Dreamer Had To Pass Away?
You Know The Clicks
Jasper Still Pulls A Bitch
And Grandma Chela Best Believe
That She Still Trips
A Big Strange
I Love You Till My Dying Day
I Never Met You
But The Hood "G" Is In Our Veins
So What I'm Saying Bout Myself
Fool I Still Bang
So P's & Q's
When You Come Across My Way

[Chorus] (x2)

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