Chase Ferrari - Just Let Go (The Ride Freestyle) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Chase Ferrari
Album: Rap N Roll
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Chase Ferrari] Yeah, I hate when..I hate when niggas say they feel me man. I hate that shit..Like...I know what I say is touching, but you don't necessarily feel me

[Verse 1: Chase Ferrari]
You won't feel me til your unsure what the fucking day of the week is
What in too deep is
Your brother has two sons and one daughter
You thought you had three nieces
Your mother could own a farm
Still wouldn't know what counting sheep is
Some say your a musical god
And others say that's extremely greekish
You fill all your close friends with your secrets
But even small circles can have a leakage
And no I have never once studied physics
But when overcoming the hill I know my momentum increases
You won't feel me until you feel like Malcolm X
Up for feelin', feelin' that's not too fucking complex
It's just because I say what I want to say
And these niggas be tryna kill me when I deliever great speeches
I'm from an era where player 2's about that green
And the person with the attention is more concerned on saving peaches
Hoping that lying can buy me some time
But we all know that the truth gets it the cheapest
The closest people betray you, so pussy nigga your dead to me
And I hope the feelings is mutual
But death is like when a blonde goes brunette
Someone dying is always hard to get used to
I got Mary Kate and Ashley friends and enemies
It's difficult to separate who's who
My family says blood is thicker than water
But in chronological order their like Crips screaming soo-woo
But fuck that, cause as far as I can remember
I met cupid and me and Nikki got swindled
I regret what I did
But shit I've yet to get her that time machine assembled
If the window of opportunity was really a window
I would do everything in my power to break it
But it's not that simple
Residential upbringing is the reason for my potential
My step dad was under the influence
My mother over influential
She told me if you let a woman see the tears from your fears
Over the years, she'll find a way to read you like a kindle..

But more importantly though
I pour something imported from Singapore for a ho
But if you listening close
You can tell that I'm broke
Champagne is brought here from France
The real I am

[Verse 2: Todd Heartless]
You won’t feel me till they don’t feel you
And moms couch has you restless
Eating bad food like a pestilence
Yet your making every single guest list
So now they assume your shitting excellence
Meduro, Volcano rolls, and pipe dreams
Cheap liqour, Loose women, and Amphetamines
You surround yourself with grinders and could be's
Who crave finer things, live outside there means
End up with aspring models with daddy issues
Cause shit, you got some little problems too
Then she put you on one, you swore they laced it
Paranoia, you swore you could taste it
Never bite the hand feeds you
Never poke the eye that leads you
Never cut the ones who bleed you
And she’s bout it all if shes showing previews..

Love em‘ all trust a few..
Duck Em’ all fuck a few..

Use to crave the appeal, Took one to many a pill
Cause you do what you feel, that electric feel
With her head on my chest, such a calm unrest
But the fact of the matter those palpatartions were real
Taking time to smell the flowers
But I must avoid an early grave
From cookie cutter roots, just a neighborhoods shame
Used to play some play station eating off Government aid
Probably paint the town red wearing scissors and chains
Salutes to Timothy Burton, I’m a kin to Mr Durden
I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo, don’t belong here that’s for certain
You ain’t saying what you mean if your worried about the purpose
You ain't taking in the scene if you closing up the curtains
Y’all over thinking shit, Over-linking this
They tell me I’m on it, I say I’m honest..

Look ma I did it, I did it
But they claim it’s sacrilegious
Making fissions of visions on fictitious premonitions
He say, She say
Are you driven? Are you living? Are you listenin'?

[Fight Club Outro]

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