Chief Aleel - 80s Heathen [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Chief Aleel
Data wydania: 2014-07-02
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

So God dam ugly
Ohh you ugly

[Verse1: Chief Aleel]
Im a moth fuckin
Ima ride around on my elephant
Let it stomp on your head with no hesitance
I Just Invested in what I'm guessing is over 9000 power levels
If this shit don't work
Ima go die quick with my 3rd eye ripped and sign with the devil
Thats a heaven for the ghetto
Need a brake and a new pedal
Gonna crash my whip into a couple fruity fellows
Don't stop for the cop never showing love for opps
Still rocking with the cool cocky codeine colored socks

I got 99 problems and they're all really gay
Anything i say will deteriorate your peers on any day

Pause. Run that back, let me get a replay
This the type of shit you would get time outs for in pre k

Notes pinned against ya shirt
Rap with pens and live to curse predict to be a dick and spit the sickest shit on any verse

Hell yea fuck that
Money is the answer
If i was born to be a. Loser
Magic Johnson caught the cancer

A bunch of peons and some posers
Im getting so way much older
My thoughts are becoming bolder
Two devils up on my shoulders
My self conscience is obnoxious

Everything just sounds like nonsense
Everything is just accelerating faster then most assumed
If i die in the blink of an eye keep my casket in my room

[Verse2: Chief Aleel]
Im the best you never heard of
Writing my name in cursive
Probably getting nervous getting blow jobs at a circus
Its urgent that i quickly submerge from out of the suburbs
Strike a pose with Sarah Silverman
And whisper that i lover her
I love you baby
You know this funny black boy crazy
Ill do anything that short of being kinda gay or shady
From the day that shady amazed me
Realized nothing will phase me or my day dream
Im just on an acid trip attempting to trip out safely

Pray to based god that we will all reach our destinations so safely
Keep forgetting I'm the only one still trying to live inside the 80s

Ive hated everything like everything
Look for melodies fuck formalities
Were hollering from slanted rooftops
Busted a brand new blasted boom box
Dropped a tab and tapped into my true God
Rockin tube socks
Its the cool guy
Who gets tipsy off of two shots
Then bull shits and cusses a couple of fusses with eruption then gets stuffed up in the oven its nothing to my assumptions
No I'm bluffing its something that turned out to be another disgusting discussion

Exaggerating everything i see
Use to get so weak inside the knees every time it was time to inhale some thc
But please believe the chief in me when i strictly speak that I've had some time to practice and balance with the forest and the gorgeous trees

Spark My Blunt up on the roof
I say I'll Share but never do
Spark my blunt up on the roof
Only Matching with my crew

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