Christian Louisana - Veritaserum X (prod. The Theorist) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Christian Louisana
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Snape]
Not something found in your everyday garden
Nor is this
Know what it is?

(Harry Potter)
Bubble juice, sir?


However, should you ever steal from my personal stores again
My hand might just slip over your morning pumpkin juice

[Verse 1: Christian Louisana]
You set the bar I'll admit it
Even through the fighting
Even leaving you at night and
Even when I wasn't right and even when you hit it
Don't give a damn about you anymore
But still the distant memories are vivid
Everything that you did for me, we
Were only held together so long
Because of the way you never gave up
Whenever we were together or how you lusted for me greatly every time I was gone
You just thought that was love
I had you ditch your friends and everybody you'd be thinking of
Soon you came to your senses
I blame the consensus
We went our separate ways
I liked getting obliterated more anyways, so
It all worked out in the end
But for how long it's been
You remain my precedent
I appreciate you showing me what love really is (x4)

[Interlude: Snape]
Veritaserum (x3)
Three drops of this
And you-know-who himself will spill his darkest secrets
Don't lie
Don't lie to me (x3)

[Christian Louisana]
Your love will always be in my heart (x4)

[Verse 2: Christian Louisana]
I ain't sure if there'll ever be a point in time
Where I forgive myself for letting you go
I mean I had you
Assumed that you'd be glad to
Proceed to getting down to this love we've manufactured befo'
But little did I know
As you were slipping through my fingers
You were stressing over which of them you cared about greater
And I ain't wanna be a hater but that killed me
Tried any and everything to fulfill me
To no avail, hadn't said a word either
I just beamed, acted supportive
Exhaled, played my sorrow off as a fever
Cause I couldn't let my tears be courted
But from night number one I vividly remember you suggesting
If it ever came to catching feelings
Dead it and forget it
But it came and I never said it
You were always looking out for me I'll never forget it (x3)

[Verse 3: Christian Louisana]
Indeed, we did seem perfect
However you never were entirely trusted
You swore by your intentions
But how could you love me right after you lusted
Just prior to me, so vigorously
I wanted to believe you, I genuinely did
But the insecurities tormented me
They altered what you meant to me
They meant to me
I was never giving you the same percent of me
That you were giving every opportunity you got
It was new to me, I couldn't comprehend it a lot
A couple weeks after revealing I loved you
We were strangers
Cause I took it all back, and I was through
Really past through
Regardless of the trial and labirynth you made it past through
Don't get it Tangled the butterflies were killer until they passed through
You were just someone to add my past too
At the bottom of my heart, I knew I could get it all
But further I found it lying Soggy
And I never do my Waffles like that
I like 'em crisp, like money right out the teller
So I tell her I just didn't wanna do it anymore
But here I am, doing it again
And you called it way back in August
Dramatic but modest
You weren't the hottest but I still got third degrees from the way that you stared at
Took care of me, I could go on and on
You were outta this world
But you weren't no...
Any girl'd be blessed to land you
Rememeber to let 'em be
Dreams come true
I guess we'll just wait and see


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