Cj Trillo - The Trillos [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Cj Trillo
Album: Volume 1: Nostalgia
Data wydania: 2013-11-05
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Jim I.E.

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Tekst piosenki

Let me speak to ya (x3)

[Verse 1]
Look pops, I done put a lot of work into this art form
I know you sometimes wonder how the struggles I'll depart from
Just help me out and put some faith in what you've taught
I've taken every lesson put some work into those thoughts
So tenfold I'mma kill this game for what's inside
Of your heart from when you felt that you couldn't provide
I guess you couldn't see when lights adjusted to your flutters
And I know you lost your wife, but god damn I lost a mother
I almost cry sometimes I say that
I feel that's sorta weak since all this drama happened way back
I should've faced the truth but kept it locked and hid astray
And all that made me true became a lie that fades away
I'm telling you it wasn't part of what I had intended
When you and I had drifted off and somehow got offended
Your my only parent left and I would die for what you bleed
Cause after all, children just a product of they're seed
This relationship's been damaged
Bruise black hammered
I only wanna bring us back to blue black hammocks and chill with ya
Take a second to start to build with ya
Feel with ya, pouring drinks I can spill with ya
Just me and you and reminiscing
And speak about this life and how it feels to close that distance
It's us against the world and we the captains of offense
Let's terrorize these demons that had captured what we dreamt
Don't take this verse as a cop-out I've replenished
Matter fact, I'mma call you when I'm finished
I'ma tell you that I'm planning something big for you in store
This music shit go'n help us get that whip that you adore
My life began in castles, for a minute fell to shambles
But bet your fuckin' ass I hit the jackpot on this gamble
See I'mma do it how you wanted from the get-go
And that's word to Cindy Miraflor Trillo

Let me speak to ya
Pops, let me speak to ya
I hope this music speaks to ya
I hope it speaks to ya

Let me speak to ya (x8)

[Verse 2]
Where the fuck do I begin?
I miss you, I wish you could've still been in my lens
I wish I would have spoken more, understood your focus more
In talks I wish I opened more
Deeper than the ocean floor
But wishin' and a'prayin got me nowhere in my life
Which fucks my thinking up because I felt that's all you tried
You gave your will to God and threw your life into his hands
Gave extra time to scriptures and put faith in his demands
Now I ain't saying that's where most my anger starts
Rather it's the fact I saw your muscles fall apart
I saw your face relinquish all that you ever embodied
Then saw the drugs diminish as they ran throughout your body
I was 10 when I first saw that chemo bald your cap
And I felt so enraged I swore I'd buy you a new hat
Childish precinct, your child is blinking
To shield away the pain from all that childish thinking
But honestly you've given more than I should ever get
I found my love for music through the pain from when you left
And to this day it's sustenance for every time I fail
I just wish that I could say I'm putting money in the mail
Kinda hard but I'll say it
I'm speaking through this playlist, I'm bleeding on these
Songs for you and hoping heaven play it
I'm seeing what the clouds can do and how they seem to save it
Tell God I'm sorry for my sins and ask him to be patient
By the way, I received your little gift
She's beautiful
I feel like all is better when we kiss
She's smarter than your son and everything I hadn't worked to be…
And I know you did that purposely
I guess this letter serves as knowledge of my growth
Cause had this been '06 I probably never would've wrote
Momma you all I see when people ask me how I write
And you all I ever feel when I step into those lights

Let me speak to ya
Ma, let me speak to ya

Let me speak to ya (x8)

Let me speak

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