Clandestien - Battle Hymn Of The New Republic [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Clandestien
Album: Weapons Grade
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Tomahawk]
Dark and Raw
Fuck what your asking for
We're on our way to you soon like Marshall Law
Your, Inspired by the Dragon
Clandestien with patterns
You can't conform, Violent Crimes of Passion
Is a passing thought
So I jot and record it all, I can't be thwarted
Nah not me, I can't be ordered
I call the shots
Pin point to put your body parts in orbit, heavenly bodies
Sexy demonic, she's every sonnet, in a blood red bonnet, buried on top of me
So whats the odds, lets see
Hmm whose next to die, it's a Clandestien enemy lottery
Your numbers up, no yelling bingo
This is death calling, with a parabellum ringtone
My shit's so balanced
Liberal assassin
Mental state with a paper mate (That's mad)
My flows the equivalent of illicit lyricism, liquid potassium benzoate (That's bad)

[Verse 2: Ciecmate]
For real, I feel like I caught a raw deal
I ought to take a short course in law
So I can put forth a court appeal
My minds sorta ill
I keep my thoughts concealed
Too poor to afford a meal
I head to the store and steal
I let my circumstance dictate the way I act
Think before I move, there's a chance I might not make it back
I crash tackle the odds, and cross the line
Without even needing to try
The only thing your eyes catch is me speeding on by
I'm keeping it live
While other state shows are looking like their eager to die
And I'm not even inspired, believe me I'm tired
But still being hired cos me plus a beat equals fire
And I like it!
I hold the mic with a tight grip
And stab at you with wit that's sharp like an ice pick
My sanity might slip
At any given moment
I don't agree with doing wrong but the way I'm living condones it
Times slipping away quicker each day
I used to be a man of vision now the picture been frayed
Can't see straight, my sights blurred
So I just write words
And spit fire to melt the tip off your iceberg

We're not going to take it
You won't ever see us conforming!

[Verse 3: Mortar]
You get spit out and slaughtered by?
The overlord Mortar, why?
Cos all you shit cunts do is whine like four to five
Port side, broad side, my speech is rigid
Raw iron, rearrange teeth, building bridges
I brace ya, to face the most awesome
Crew to ever roll out when we transform son
Bomb manufacture, construct clockwork
Fight fire with fire, or fuck that I drop dirt
Flame retardant
To the most ardent
Napalm Psalms, battle hymns of the Martyr
Armed for arson
Pass into infamy
Geometrically measured to represent supremacy
With a symphony, it's evident I elevate
Penetrate ya psyche, cult mind like Heavens Gate
With paper, pen pushing it's what I perpetrate
Beats seize like deeds for increasing word murder rates

[Verse 4: Maggot Mouf]
Raw and gritty, with a note pad and feather pen
Evidence is easy spotted look at all my letters man
Twisted jumbled, muddled mess
Spit and fumble, humble texts
Kept it subtle, under desks
Think and rubble, trouble heads
Double meds and psycho
Get a rope, hang and choke
Fickle minds blind inside, inspired lines of mine provoke
Tired minds in times of hope
Read the times their lies exposed
Fly a plane and wings explode
See the signs it's all a joke
No! You won't ever see us conforming!
Just brainstorm enormous
And perform a final warning
My maggot mouth spit haggis breath
Stepping out the line of edge
And stepping off to find the death
It's better off when time is left

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