Clandestien - Eye 4 An Eye [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Clandestien
Album: Dynasty
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Now George wasn't your average
He was footloose and fancy free
Intellectually advantaged, artistically
Enhanced uptown gallery showings
At the next opening, he bailed early, wanted to get home
He took a shotcut, and out of a back alley came a rowdy drunken gang with just one aim
To cause some harm, to wreak havoc
They liked to rumble
Cause starting trouble was a habit
A stickup kid with a switchblade knife, who
Did not intend to take his life
He just pushed his luck a little too far
That night
And so story goes, a struggle and shoot in the street
And george lost his feet, slipped and fell and his head hit the concrete
The gang dispersed and George was left to bleed
DOA on the way, never completed the journey
Now George's mother cries and wonders why
How could God take her only son's life in the blink of an eye?
She defies her faith and prays for retribution
Curses at the sky, and denies any hope for the future
A few days pass, it's after the funeral
An officer says he's got some leads that might be useful -
An eye witness to make the charges stick, and information
On where the kid might live
Now, the kid's ID'ed and right before the cops knock
He drops out the back window from a tipoff
Hot pursuit through backyards and dodging cars
The cops let off a shot, they got the kid running hard
Calling for backup, thinking the kid's smacked up
Crossing the highway, he gets clipped by a Mack truck
Out of control he loses his hold as he leaps a fence
Trips and slips, the kid falls to his death
Lands on his head, the impact snaps his neck
Cops on the scene see the concrete painted red
News passes to George's mother
As she cries in bed, a smile crosses her face
And this is what she said:

Eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth
And anyway, I've told the truth
And I'm not afraid to die...

My back is scarred with knife marks
But what upsets me the most, is that I didn't see it coming
Not the fact that these weapons are sharp
Can't put shit in the past
If I was to ark, these cunts would start running
Something tells me to let it slide
But Graphic can't forget pride, something that runs in the fam' of McBride
It's high levels of respect
And intense passion, clashed like Titans, from life to death
Writing remains my solace, a journalistsic safe-haven
To escape ravens and crows
Make no mistake with these inundated flows
The longer it takes, the more my patience grows
Blatant blows, land way below the belt
Mate, a fake will know themselfs
So for explanations, you can save it bro
My eyes see the truth
I know where I stand, and it's not next to you

Lyrics are tracking
With crosses offered
Like Jesus
Demarking out your retinas
Jeepers creepers
Along with sight, your eyes are losses
I got these peepers from the psycho house
Sneakers Shez got - Nike no doubt
This rhymes about
An eye for an eye
Literal or lyrical
Clandestien defines
Avenues like cabin crews
Stab at me, I'm slashing you
With accuracy staying true to I-
Deas. My mic's clear, across every passage
Appears though Tomo's never slacking
Four years
Got you with the graffing from people's attracting stares
Like massive cathedrals
Sinister and severe
And finally I, vendettas and vengeance vie
Heads will fly
Sever mic's in the meantime
No need to react yet, I'll just sit back, recline
And watch your beads shine

"And God called forth his vengeance
Eye for an eye, life for a life
Eye for an eye, life for a life
Eye for an eye, life for a life
Eye for an eye, life for a life
Eye for an eye, life for a life...

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