C.O'D. - Pound Cake OD-Mix [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: C.O'D.
Data wydania: 2014-02-14
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1]

It's incredible
You said you would have me from the jump
Now it's just me, myself and I and you're a fucking punk
Look at you, now look at me
I am where I am all because I dot the I's and cross the T's
Watch your mouth before you try down talking me
Cause in my head I'm the modern day Socrates--
Genius, millionaire, my third eye's on the dollar
Seventeen and I rap much smarter than
Half these backpack rappers and that's the truth
And I live how I say even out the booth;
That's why I spell each your top 10s with an asterisk
Insert cliché rap line with an ad-lib
All I wanna do is bone an actress. (OOH!)
To tell the truth, my girl is already fine as fuck
I like my music more if your lady's tryna suck
Download the beat and dive dick first
That's down to fuck
Now let's take it back to the real shit:
The bars you're laying are wack, hit the kill switch
I think I'm wanted by the Hip Hop Police and charge is--
Murdering rappers over their own shit
This rap world ain't a nice place, I'm a cruel dude
I part a sea of black faces when I move through
Only two niggas had a problem and I've grown from 'em
If it was now I'd probably have sent 'em both running
In Mirrors, I said I had a couple Jigga problems
A year later I'm only seeing them nigga problems
There's a glass ceiling above me I'm tryna shatter it
Something tells me that someone out there ain't having it

[Verse 2]

So will I go like I'm Pac? Biggie?
Murdered and shot?
Or worse like I'm Mr. West and I'm kept in a box?
Don't know the answer and it's something that I'm searching for
And legendary is the outcome that I'm hoping for
I like to talk to myself cause fuck your damn opinions
Y'all some haters but really you're just some damaged minions
Wait. Let it marinate
Play my cards right I'll live forever that's the mind state
Zip code 38258 sheesh oh my
Decipher that and then tell me I'm not the best alive
I'll wait
You probably thought I was done but nope I'm back at it
I got the skills to lead, can I take a crack at it?
The reign won't last but Marlo said it best
At least the niggas with the crown got to wear it
Now it's my time. This is my flow. These are my rhymes
I just hope I can make it without a co sign
And then you'll say that you believed in me the whole time. Yeah

[Verse 3]

Pound cake, cream too
Nigga with a gift happens to have a dream too
Church, your careers are the lamest
I'm the shit
The aroma of it's my fragrance
You've got bars I'll hand it to you
I drop prisons
No wonder why your girl named me the favorite
You call it cocky, I call it preparation
You call this a freestyle, I call it my graduation
The next shit I drop will be the best of
I'll take it back to the roots one time for Questlove
That's ironic cause I'm on a quest to find love
On a mission to find peace
Angelic-like never came from the streets
Cull Folarin
I'm gifted my bars are the ones to beat
Ten seconds, Cullen you're on
If you don't think I've got the will to be the greatest you're on
I've got a nuke in my drawers aimed at the spot that you're on
You're weak and I'm strong that means I got it going on
It's OD ho don't overdose. Yeah!

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