Cold Blood - Doo Rags [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Cold Blood
Data wydania: 2014-08-29
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Cold Blood

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Tekst piosenki

This game is a phantom this game makes you pssssycho
Imagine being abandoned everybody looking at you through a microscope
As you tightrope, one typo and its into the grand canyon
For survival in these politics you need trustee companions
We went from bandits to champions, this may seem random
But the whole time we had on doo rags and bandanas

Verse 1:
My rhymes are gracefully plotted
Toxic if you hold um so place um in your pocket
Me and the king are 2 of amerikaz most wanted
So if you spot us don’t approach us cuz we’re plotting propaganda
Applaud the top bananas we wear doo rags and bandanas, don't mishandle us
Even tho we burning like candles, its skandalous
Hazardous when we manifest even in the bright lights of Los Angeles
But it started off as two kids with manuscripts fighting through the labyrinth
Anonymous now we glamorous, it's no accident
If you disagree you’re the devils advocate
Fight evil, I’m the peoples amulet
Drink from a goblet
But in the end its your profit
Opposite of the 1st duke of somerset or any monarch in Great Britain
My destiny was independent before the declaration was written
Spinning and winning, my vocab write up in Walters kitchen
Best thing since the invention of women
I don’t mean to be sexist nobody mention Bill Clinton
My life is a saga, like the Adventures of Tintin
So who wants to be the next victim of the microphone supervillain?


Verse 2 (king q)
The king is in the house
Making money, getting honey’s
But it still feels as if
Nothing’s changed this whole damn time
From start to finish it’s still the same damn line
But we still dropping clinical rhymes
And sick beats that make you holla
Or sound like a harmonious chime
But on the other side
We go out and commit odious crimes
Gun shots, violence, hateful non-sense
But for real now
Its a cold world we living in
Not easy to make it in
If you exert more the cream will come right in
But seriously
How do you think you’ll get the cash cow
If you don’t even know how
To spit a single verse
When you go on twitter
And tweet about how you got a new album
You workin on
But as it turns out
Its just a bunch police sirens, or buying diamonds
On a private island
Smoking so much crap
That you wake up in some strip club
In thailand
But me and wasabi don’t write about that
We rap about what what’s true
And when we do
We have on doo rags
Doo rags and bandanas


Verse 3:
If there was a safety net to catch your downfall you’d still fall through it
Can’t juggle the fame
Or do you just not have the balls to do it
We have a problem Houston
Get your flow more fluid ur lyrics are translucent
Have a unit reunion stop abusing the use of music
Don’t ruin the movement cuz it’s coming to an arena near you soon
Nuisance, I’m cruising
I’m on the launch pad making the musical blueprint
Didn’t have to do it
Cuz jehovah came through it and came through in the clutch
Homie it’s the 4th quarter, you’ll need more than a little luck
At this point, finding a 4 leaf clover wouldn’t hurt
Ur acting like a vacuum cleaner, sucking up dirt
Your car breaks fast, and I’m the dessert
Meaning the times run out, you just came up short
Sorry kid it’s ovah
Reality is harsh, the truth bites like a cobra
Cuz while ur falling faster than a waterfall in Nova Scotia
I’m outta this world exploding like a Supernova
And yo, if you want more I got that
I’ll give you three more from the corner pocket
I’m cold as hell and I tell stories, it ain’t fair
Approach me where I can see you cuz the stench of failures in the air
Fell on ur face and I cleaned it up called it wipe out
Went from scouted, to touted, to star, like Mike Trout
I hit a home run
While yall just strikeout
Oooooo dayyyummm

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