Cold Blood - Lyrikz for Thought (Livin' a Dream) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Cold Blood
Data wydania: 2014-08-29
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Cold Blood

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Tekst piosenki

Girls make me livid, usually I’m shy and timid
But till the finish skys the limit when I’m in it diminish the cynics
I’m so finished with this impish shrimp shit and pimp shit with dimwit misfits
We spittin images with rhymes not limericks
Having girl problems?
Its ok we’re all awkward
Look at snow white at the Oscars
Or when Jamal Crawford stabs Ray with a double crossover
What a shocker
Agenda stopper like Kemba Walker in the 4th quarter of a two point game
The only tomcat on the Charlotte Bobcats
He deserves more credit and he deserves more fame
Seeing as he’s short legged like a wombat remember the name
Prepare for combat
Fatigue when we play rivals
It won’t be rigged like the N.B.A Finals
Don’t cheat me like P.E.D needles sticking out the vagina
Mark my words you don’t wanna acquire a bad habit
Now McGwire can only stay 10 years on the Hall of Fame ballot
Real talent will always prevail
Would you rather break records
Or break bonds between truth and the good in you
Does Miggy really hit baseballs over walls?
And the baseball version of Biggie Smalls
I pinkie promise not to tell
Is that failure or do your feet smell
Are you really that big or do you just eat well
But while I’m spitting raps you’re spitting sunflower seed shells
And putting gunpowder where b.u.t.t spells
You’ll go from good to joke to good joke like D-Will
Should you choke you’ll end up broke living off weed sales
Candid when you’re caught red handed
Used to take for granted nothings easy
Worked hard cause “my mother needs me” then you got greedy
Started single handedly beefing but it lasted briefly
And people started keeping their eyes peeled
There seemed to be a different playing field
Then the rocket crash landed on venus
Seeing stars, that are heterogeneous
The fame lasted shorter than the chances of a Dodgers Pennant and Roger Clemens penis
Hank is still chief like kleenex with Henderson leadoff
We doff our hats then plead stop
Physically stronger but really weakened
We leap off into the deep end
The weekend has been depleted
I’m beaten they either disappear or get caught
Can you hear it or not, their jeering the lot
These are my lyrics for thought
And yo
Granny had a bazooka
Tryna seduce ya it was gruesome
Is Manny being Manny or is Manny being Medusa
Lemma introduce ya to manaconda
It’s kinda like the hand of Rajon Rondo
I’m not accusing you of using
Am I blaming you for prima donna drama like Obama meeting the Dalai Lama
I’m sorry but yo mamas a rainbow iguana
Hold tight to your pajama bottom and have some scapegoat lasagna with Leon Trotsky
You asking the perks of being Nazi but it’s World War Z so be a zombie
You really need a hobby like a seasoned paparazzi
Maybe learn karate
It’s a suicide mission like Kamikaze
Close call, 5, 6, suck my dick that’s a head ball
Bobble my head or my ball and it made me sick, like Bill Buckner in ‘86
Mix that with dick pics and you got fish and chips
Doritos mommy? Gazpachos please
Bitch that’s nacho cheese
Don’t touch it, it might crumble like Manny Machado’s knees
Ur fucking with some not so macho chimpanzees
We’re the r to the ape if you are what you ate I got yo recipe
I’ll be in ecstasy if you mess with me but it’s all good Jane don’t even question my identity
We got plenty of chemistry between us and our enemies
War between humans and chimps goes back centuries
Forget movies and documentaries
Planet of the apes is just complementary to the struggle we have
Want another recap
The story is complete and I can’t see a gap
I don’t want no trouble
But if this is slipping through your fingers like a soap bubble
You losing your touch like the D O double, G
I don’t mean to be acting motherly but don’t smother me
My double entendres are dropped quite subtlety
Don’t pick um up that’ll make for an ugly scene
My discovery was an utter luxury
But if you play games I’ll turn bloodthirsty quite suddenly
Got knuckle knees I’ll buckle these
Double d bitches better juggle these
Still looking for the final damn puzzle piece
Don’t even think about making a wish or taking your pick
Don’t take a hit song and make it shit
Take a shit cuz I’ll spank a bitch
Don’t gimme that Weird Al Yankovic

Girls make me livid
But the same time they let me live a dream with a rap magazine
Found you I found happiness I found a pot of gold
And I won’t settle for friendship especially those of old
But it’s damn hard to keep in touch when I rap like god’s son
Only thing I can touch is touch down back in Boston
Wrong football though you kickin it with hope’s solo offspring
I’m a dope virtuoso and I’m often talking about controlling the flow like a faucet
I’mma go ahead and say, I’m awesome
I got O instead of A, I’m flawless
It’s like we agreed to accept she’s aweless
But when ya in need of solace Imma be technical like Rasheed Wallace
And Imma be speedy, like Gonzales
Cuz technical speed is what ya need to succeed
Ta stampede the force field and supersede the other girls you exceed

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