Cold Blood - Sophomore [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Cold Blood
Data wydania: 2014-08-29
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Cold Blood

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Tekst piosenki

Verse 1 (Wasabi)

The countdown went down
This my second time around
I’m a sophmore in this game
I don’t even gotta frown
It’s a concourse when we concert
Everybody knows the chorus
Gettin deal gettin sponsers
They want an encore they adore us
Bounce your arms take the bull by its horns
The fire alarm blaring we made the norm an art form
This bay area born villain causes damage when i inforrm
Taking the game by storm they swarm when the stage when I perform
Rep for the bay, for my hometown I am bias
Yay areas finest we flying this game like a pilot
Highlighting from above you know we a skylight
Always looking toward the horizon, we don’t look back we don’t hindsight
Shine bright, we the dynamite, and we live in the limelight


Ooooo im a sophomore now we run this town
And i ain't looking down, down
Ooo I can touch the clouds I can scream out loud
And I can’t see the ground, ground

Verse 2
I’m still fresh man but now I’m a sophomore
The pressure is building I’mma burst like popcorn
Look what you made, you created a monster
I write like an author, fight like a boxer
But I ain’t much of a brawler cuz most of you watchers
Scholar at rap, holler to these dollars
Every verse is just work toward my ultimate tour de force
I’m a work horse just playing my cards
I make these ace of spades into ace of hearts
I’m making fine art
My 100 percent effort won’t be split like a pie chart
After my heart stops my bars will die hard
2nd time around most of you one hitters expired
Tired and uninspired but my flow still wired
My work is art and I speak the truth, it’s an artifact
I eat these booths, cardiac
Don’t sleep on me like a pillow
Cuz that might just be the last thing you do


Verse 3 (King Q)

Oooh so fly
Oooh so clean
Oooh so fresh
Oooh we even roll with the meanest in the game
I’m a sophomore now
Been here for few months but it feels like forever
We brewing up a storm like we control the weather
Or mixing a bunch of chemicals like a college professor
But when they all combine it can create a breakthrough
Like a cure to cancer
Or a beautiful sound like you’ve never heard before
You’re listening to the great grandmasters
We run the rap game
And these days hip hops all the same
We have a new style and it won’t be beat
From the clinical lyrics to the euphonious beats
We won’t be stopped
When this mixtape drops
It gonna stay on top
This shit gonna be an instant classic
It will create madness havoc
It will be dramatic, ecstatic, psychopathic
But at the same time fantastic
And for any demographic
The countdown came and went
But now we got our doo rags on
And we will be relentless
This time around
Cuz we sophomores

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