Danny De La Vie - Ignition Start [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

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Tekst piosenki

Mind body and soul The whole thing in alinement
Not to mention Whole team is behind me
Whether cheifing or driving
I still peep em while they
Creeping behind me that Rear mirror view
Keep it in private,And I'm killing these pirates With black arrows
Im cursed As a rap pharrow
I banish them to the grave with the nerve
Of these jack sparrows
No cold world so don't check the degrees
But I'm sick nigga check the disease I can't stand it
The winners loose with precision moves And they can't plan it
My play of pawns Is like playing cards
I'm the rap gambit,but if i catch her bluffing
Ima show her that the hurt last
No logan bitch you fucking with the first class
And I'm catching the perp fast
Cause police were steady dunking they donuts
And we were killing them softly,While mac was dumping the roll up
But Still i told him to roll up
Toast to life wen we pour up
Purple haze got me lifted,That E&J with the cola
But really baby Its a must that i flaunt
I don mustered up A couple killings Its a must that i haunt
I don hunted down A couple victims
Its a must that i taunt
While their tall tales fuck up the bond
So its fuck what u want,And fuck what you heard
I'm stakin grass Puffin the herb
While These other niggas Side swipping
They be loving the curb shit
Been throwing lefts But I'm hitting like chuck norris now
So fucking with my furnis like Burning ya whole forrest down
So chill smokey Cause you can burn in hell
Or get hit with the steal poker For thinking I'm still joking
The cups filled,The tops down,The piffs..

Said The cups filled
Tops down
Piffs potent
No rookie of the year
But the game like chris copeland
You know my lines And my life on em when i said them
I'm living it like my words I just said it i don't regret it
So I'm right here
Never did fuck with light beer
Niggas never really did Talk a lot
I might park the yot in my nice pier
But hold on isn't this nice to here
Its quite nice to hear
Its giving chills
Baby fight the fear
I mean like oh shit
Bk to pk I'm rolling
Flexer the best sir we rolling
And we the best in the vicinity
That collateral murder was the remedy
But only for the enemy,You know Bourriqua kid with a cool flow
But still ripping these tracks up like I'm cujo
Ju know that I'm hungry blood Like true stories on HBO
And I'm doing this for the glory, But glory don't pay the toll
I need the paper
KJ would tell me
Focus get my cake up,And if you talking big Make sure that ya weight up
Don't wait up
This lifes a puzzle
Can't tell when the picture start
Shit is harder to put together But easy to pick apart
So pardon me for, you know, not listening hard
I just told them ignition start baby
Ignition start woo!

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