Decipher - Catch me if you can (Remix) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Decipher
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Ailee]
I’ll never make it out alive
I been living like I’m dying
And I know I got to go
I’m never coming back
I don’t want to see you crying
You got to catch me if you can x4

[Verse 1: Decipher]
Eh, I don’t think you can and shit, so I’mma hit them with a damn remix
Handle this like a man with kids, like family pics, I stand, you sit
I rock this beat so loud, boom boxes be blown out
And not gonna stop until the cops come lock us up, 2Pac would be so proud
And Biggie too… Life After Death
I’mma make it count, vampire bite at your neck
Might catch your breath, but no way you catching me
Try a mother fucker with a lesser speed, go play with the referee
I’m tearing through you like a barracuda
Bury you up in a pair of coolers, keep you very 추워
Who the dude up in here with the rarest buddha
Very true to staying high, fly, I am a parachuter
Nearly threw up when I wrote this song, now how dare we do a
Remix, rest in peace to the beat, I barely knew you
Do you know how many people think they’re Larry Hoover?
While I am in a class of my own, I think I’m Ferris Beuler

[Verse 2: J.Reyez]
Now I been grinding on my own, producing my own music
The truth is, you got to lose once just to prove it, yeah
And you got to watch your every mistake
Cause your image is crucial, people tend to degrade
Cause the mainstream is all about clothes and the fashion
Hoes and the cash and who knows what can happen
The media got us really messed up
They expect us to sell you so we can be the next up
Everybody chasing for the money and the fame
But I’mma keep it 100 for the game
Cause I believe being myself could be worth it
Everybody can relate to not being perfect
The haters that show no love for their locals
Videos and promos, mixing my own vocals
I gotta put work in for the top and im determined
I’m just another person, I’m gonna make it out alive

[Verse 3: Dumbfounded]
They can’t catch this villian like John Dillinger
This ex con got villagers evacuating children and women first
This Dennis the Menace administering pain to ministers
A living thirst to kill a verse, to leave all your feelings hurt
I love my Guiness and Henny, pretty chickens in mini skirts
Don’t care about my image, get the picture you timid nerds?
Catch my composite sketch with a hat and Knocksteady shirt
On the 6 o’ clock evening news, man, I hope your antenna works
5’11″ male with a sinister little smirk
Had a visitor break me out by flirting with prison workers
Jimmied the lock, inserted the scissors, turnt it in a circular
Motion and I was ghost, dawg; Forest Whitaker
What is he in it for? as he’s watching the city burn
Giggling with his pretty semi he named Jennifer
BRRR, hear the kitten purr, without a freaking permit
He lets it out on these vermon without a warning, I know…

[Verse 4: Flowsik]
Catch me if you can, when you know you can’t
Literally neck to neck from where I stand
The only thing you shaking is my hand
Jigga when I make plans, blueprints on making grands
Lebron at 15, I’m bound to ball
Sudden moves, no homo, blows from the counter cross
Heavy back, hardwears, yall is micro soft
Pay your Bills and hit the Gates before your mountain falls
Running from the Holocaust, leaving paper trails
Raise sails, going with the flow do I smell betrayel?
They want me caged well, I’m tryna add flavor cause the game tastes stale
On the merge of major fail
Decipher J’s phlo, leave you dumbfounded
Overseas, Jay Park make moves before I talk about it
Catch me, Randy Moss? I doubt it, say goodbye
Cause when I’m gone for good, I’mma ride

[Verse 5: Chan]
You can catch me if you can, on the real, it’s just a joke
All I need’s a track, pair of Pumas and I’m Bolt
You’ll be chewin on my dust, feel the gust of my wings
All you haters looking up, peep the bottom of my Timb’s
Forgive me of my sins, I know I let you down
Remember me for me, not the shit I did with Uptown
A lot of things changed since I left, a lot of yall grown
An Asian act on the charts with the number one song
Popping bottles in my ride, next to three chicks
Fuck with me or D, you getting thrown out the g6
Remix, player, catch me if you can
Better get yourself a passport, I’m in the motherland
I’m making moves while you’re moon walking, stay rocking
In every headset with the red b marking
Your favorite rapper stays on my dick
Big Chan, so fly, man, I’m on that shit

[Verse 6: Johnnyphlo]
쉿! 닥치고 들어봐, 내게 딱까고 물어봐
10년후의 내 모습은? HA, more popular than Hova
모두 밖으로 끌려가, 나는 끝까지 남아있길
나머지는 click clack, brip brap, gotta kill
So you prolly need protection
I’m tryna turn my dream into reality; Inception
이 rap scene을 들었다 놨다하는 나라 팔 아파
I’m a leader, this rap game like twitter, 나를 따라와
I’m given the days, to live it away, I’m young, 니 시간은 tickin’ away
그래도 i’m doin it better, 아무리 못해도 너랑은 비기는데
내겐 언제나, 제일로 재밌는 게임
매일매일 랩으로 생계를 챙기는게
I’ve been in a fight or two, but never been the type to lose
If I did, I couldn’t forget it, how to ride a bicycle
죽기보다 싫은 실팰 피해 난 달려
오직 음악만이 나를 살려
Cuz I’ll never make it alive

[Verse 7: Jay Park]
You better hop on the bandwagon before you get left behind
Never be swagger jacking cause I got the freshest jive
My skills, I let it shine till I leave the haters next to blind
My peoples man, I got you, for the others? leave the rest to fry
I’m here to prove that there ain’t no other like me
Even though my skin ain’t dark, man don’t take my color lightly
I’m ripping it, killing it, thinking of iller shit, rapping, you feeling it good like a clitoris
Please don’t be bitter, bitch, this ain’t a hit or miss, this is so definite, I am the best there is
Haha yall be snoozing, I’m a rocketeer in the far east moving
A lot of mothafuckers tend to call me stupid but yall root for a gang of kids that I influenced
I’m a MC, bitch
Beast mode stays on but dont tempt me, kid
Out of this world yall, they be beamin me up
And by the time you think you caught up, yall be eatin my dust/ Peace

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