Deltron 3030 - City Rising From the Ashes [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Deltron 3030
Album: Event 2, Juice CD #119, City Rising From the Ashes EP
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Dan the Automator

Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Del]
Zooma zoom zoom zoom...

[Verse 1: Del]
I know you need a little background clear though
About your boy Deltron Zero, your hero
In three thousand thirty
We ain't in the clear though
We was near toast, doing too much, who to trust
In a land so scandalous and grand?
Even the President got his hand in the contraband
They done control the band of information
Leading to education to a brainwaves pulsatin'
They said "Fuck the Environment!"
For so long the environment said "Fuck y'all"
Ok, now we in a cobra clutch
Once the planet fold up, and blow up
You know what?
Mother Nature must've saved us cause look
We still stayed here
But much was lost
We lost touch with the source
To get back, there was a hero
Jet black

Who was kin to the previous champion
In three thousand thirty, but now it's four thousand ten
From the ashes I arise with
The new style, This Deltron Osiris
If you can buy this, let's go along
And see how we go so far, the road is gone
Osiris, I'm here in the afterlife
In the future where brothers will have to fight...

[Verse 2]
Everybody, call it a scramble
Full scale chaos, reckless abandon
Cats will sell they, hand for a handgun
Follow your commander, though you can't stand him
No plannin', wild and dangerous
Anger just permeate, so we learn to take
Hostility with a grain of salt
And step out the way, cause it ain't our fault
Bank vaults blown to smithereens
Whatever's left is left for the fiends
But you'd better not mess with the team
Deltron and Dan, we melt foes to ash
There in a flash, and not in the pan
It's all in the plan in a lawless land
Just so y'all can understand
I got a legacy to chase, live up the fam


[Verse 3]
For the power
Now you're been devoured
By sound waves
Frequency with a deeperly
Creep with me, as I bail through the hood
With unsavory types, most likely no good
In the eyes of society's visor
Even though their enterprises are the crisis
They license been revoked
By the average trench coat
Pulling out so you get smoked
Like hickory sausage
Victory? Come on, it's far from flawless
They ain't God, but their ways is pompous
Thinking they can stomp us with troops and contras
But just let loose a stupid
Monster, unable to be contained
It's too late, they launched it
With no promotion
So now we revolt
And insult they sultan
With explosive voltage


Guess that must spell doom
You... wish to defeat me?
Me, with your feeble mind?!?
Huh. I see you high
Fuckin' with me, Deltron Osiris
Fam put me on
We gonna live long, that's what it is
Now, next meeting is
Underground in the West Matrix
Underneath the Statue of Liberty's remains
Now shhh...
I'm gonna scramble the
Frequency being transmitted over the
Pirate communications matrix
Because there was word that the rebel
Trolls from the new sector have
Secured nodes within the matrix...
Shhh... Don't say nothin'
We gonna creep up on 'em tonight, OK...

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