Deltron 3030 - Nobody Can [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Deltron 3030
Album: Event 2
Data wydania: 2013-09-23
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Dan the Automator

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1 - Del]

Yo, avoiding the corporate sector running with the rebel operatives
Pulling a dark saber out on hostages
Deltron O from the under city wonders will they never cease
Fear of black planet, serious heat
Here in the street high doubts and strongholds
Action adventures go beyond the globe
The lost ones mobbing in repulsive trucks
Transporting troops and not for sport
My measurement systems are pleasant for listening
Imperial decree that legalizes conditions in certain instances
Battle techniques require split second timing
The usage designed with large spacecrafts in mind highly maneuverable
Turbo lasers will do more than subdue them fools
Provincial governor peripheral cameras cover
Every corner and crevice I catch a glimpse at


Deltron is our hero, if he can't do it nobody can, with the wave of a hand and a flick of the wrist word wizardry will certainly give you a glimpse


[Verse 2]

Yo attack on my research station on the coast of my private continent
They can't sway my confidence
With bloated, sugar-coated nonsense
Despite the strong sense of honor
It was I that assassinated the rhyme twat
Bombs drop cutting him off
Plus winning support from the people for what I have thought
A constant remembrance
The emblem with the heiro- insignia kept ruffling in the wind
They diminishing
Strength and size
Emphasize three eyes
Even in these bleak times
I'll be sure to speak my mind
Cause it ain't illegal yet
The thought process
Fools lost in a time warp wishing for the final course
Cross reference the alien amenities
Vector technologies and the prison facilities
Discovery of the plans were really what he had sought
Put lovers of the new order on their luxury yachts
Served as a commander for hip-hop's elite fleets
Planets of the galaxy understood my feats

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]

All biological chemical scramblers
Electromagnetic probes taking a gander
Incredible stratagems for several millennia
Kept my folks in with love we still defending em
The realist path prevents most from killing each other
But still something suggested undercover
Guidelines with interactions taking precedent
Primary news agencies leaking the evidence
Semi-precious stones hoarded at home
Since the great collapse finance has taken back
Now the crime wave by the mind slaves
Got the populous trying to escape
To a new planet flying in space
Interplanetary officials secretive and aloof
Created a capitalist move to overshoot
The chaos and effectively cashout as they lost
Issuing the galactic civil war to keep the days long
The surest options? neurotoxins
Erase the data file to the central computer and stop it

[Hook x2]


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