Depzman - SPITYOURGAME [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Depzman
Data wydania: 2011-08-07
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

(Verse 1)
P's off food i don't need to win tho
Had pen hype smash like broken windows
And you know sham will make cash
Us man shot white you man slang indo
My phone rings so much a day every 2 hours man has to switch up ringtones
Cats say that my food is great try get as many lines as you can *BINGO*
Yo lyrical king, man wanna hate but can't try a ting
Got so many cats on BB when i switch it on i hear ping ping ping
One bomb will bang you out when i swing
Stepped in jail, boxed off the wing
Hold on wait, one last thing, shower, boom we do this ting
What G? said that you the best but you're not me
You're not Loko and you ain't kozzie yeah we ride to the beat like a Jockey
Back out the long ting suttin like hockey
Beg a waste man get rude or cocky
Mets will hit you up just like Rocky man can't top me
Drop a 16 make a man shout fuckery, drop a 16 make a man shout par, Come like Tempz chase man out the car
Thought you could send for the kid but you can't
Best from the youngers can't see me gone
Man wanna clash but don't want dramz
Come lets clash i'll take you to park
After the clash you're gonna get sparked
Hit with the glass see man in the dark
I'm freezing them man are not cold
Hes the enemy only god knows
Been a best mc from way back
So when it comes to barz you know i got loads
Got the scene in my hands still controlled
Fake man better watch now Im' on road
Man jump out the whip with the long pole
Lick off your head, A team strong bow
More time patient know that im ancient
But I got a hundred and one flows
Big boy moves man are on those
Headshot turn man into mongols
Bets pass me the money pronto
If not then imma tell mans mom goes
Thats the way that i live, headshots for the brain that they run toast
Man wanna feature, not gonna meet ya
Where head see ya, hasta la vista
Won't stop until im in a box like a pizza
Talk shit manna get crunched malteaser
Been on the road since cold no freezer
Man got food holla man will feed ya
Man try to chat like they in a clash but were way too fast me and Cosmic leave ya
Might pop pop pops but theres more
Beef on the road manna come like Rock, what what what is it war?
Think that your hard but its nothing at all
Man got barz like puzzles of course
Visible danger lyrical taser
If its dont spit i hit em with force
Not a solider but i roll with the sword
Like Slick don now you know who i am
I'll leave ya overly prang
When i roll up in ya home with the gang
Holding a shank
Sargentely i took over the rank
The bud that i'm smoking is overly dank
Manna run up on a dome pop off
Drive off the scene leave your flow with the franks
My team ain't rolling with blanks i
Roll with guys that roll in fives
Man roll with knifes that open guys
Its not a joke ting when we roll to your sides
See bare man creep up in disguise
Roll with straps that open prats
Man holding claps leave holes in bats
No don't roll with saps
Don that's a fact
Man love the way i rip up the track
Yo you ain't on shit your a bitch to man
If theres beef on the road donno
Like Old Trafford I'm down to pitch a man
If its beef on the road bring shanks
And ill slice man up like Edward Scissorhands
Manna come to ya ends with my dargs buss off the ting
Catch us if ya can
Na man can't move to me you man are fruity
Like you down to lips a man
Come like donna fries
Come like chips to man
Ya i got girls on side like yes man come down mine for the ride and miss ya man
But you know i don't play so if your boyfriend talks i'll strike up fix a man
And every time that i spray
I seem to blow up the booth call me mr banks
Yo you ain't on my level im long gone
I got your girl on my dick like a condom
After i hit that roll over send her to sleep
But she ain't got a thong on
Thats the way that i do it
And if we do it the same then we ain't got a problem
But if you got problem then rude boy its beef then you ain't got an option
You and your mans had toms but you lost em'
Draw and record the next day where i shot them
After i get the p got the rave buy champagne bottles and pop them

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