Dessy Hinds - The Job [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Dessy Hinds
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Hans Solo

Tekst piosenki

Yeah, haha
It's Dessy Hinds
Im exemplifying your story time
So tough to run her up with a iron rhyme
But I ain't tired of trying. (Hahah)

[Verse 1: Dessy Hinds]
16 years old I pictured gold
Working on my own, With a unbelievable flow
I flow better than the unknown MC's that I have seen
Trying to rub it in my
More than my own breakout queens.
Who noticed my work ethics
Recognize my objective, I'm more than less selective
In the up and coming section
'Cus I'm cutting more records than a woman's seat section
And bringing pain to my peers, Like a college rejection
All I need is some direction, Til' I go off affection
This rhyme is the
Reason, My teacher said pay attention!
Never could though
Even if I work for a small wage
Dessy got the biggest heart, rapping on the smaller stage
Trying to make with little works off for small praise
Long night and long days
And cutting people off Like dread locks and long braids
Long rhymes on long rides, on long trains
So young told god; I'm the wrong age
Before my stage name they called me all the false name
It's Dessy Hinds, the master of your ceremony
I like som live damn music at my ceremony
And not the only, rapper with a fantastic story
Whatever is my age, im double'ing climbing storyies
And this so glory us, and that ain't all
So overall I'm trying to sip and i slip and fall

[Hook: Dessy Hinds]
I'm on the job, All the time
On the job. You ask me if I work
I'm saying; music is my job
Dessy is on the job, Yes he's on the job
Trying to run track's, other rappers's is trying to jock

But I'm on the job, yeah, I'm on the job
I'm busy making records
Trying to satisfy some blogs
Catch me on the job, all the time, on the job
I'm trying to work more than my mother did her own job

[Verse 2: Dessy Hinds]
Hah, so smooth without a girl in the room
I have nothing to prove unless
I'm jumping over booms, too soon
Two key's and maybe two rooms, yeah just might do
Nice rapper, nice guy and a nice view
The first job was daycare, second one tutoring
But after that, music things is what i want an interview in
Give me my Q in, i focued on ?
Stay on your feet, but what i gotta say is simply moving
It's in the music, with my experience i had to use it
A bright bolb, my electrician had no fuse lid
On the to-do-list, continuesly do it
And keep the peace in the beef, like meditating buddhist
Im sicker than a new tip, working with producer's
That's producing these beats to make us Stero ?-tips

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