DeWayne - Make Me King [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: DeWayne
Data wydania: 2014-10-07
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: DeWayne]
Yeah, DeWayne, The Jokerr and Mike Bars, let's get it

[Hook x2: DeWayne]
I'm gonna make me
I'm gonna make me
I'm gonna make me
Make me king

[Verse 1: The Jokerr]
Now, I been treated like straight dirt, ever since I can remember
I've been slept on and stepped on, left with my spirit injured
I've been hurt in more ways than I can count
And I don't even see the end of this tunnel I'm walking through
I've looked at myself in the mirror, so many different occasions
And so many different engagements
I told myself I'd be courageous
But alas, as I stare into the heart and soul of my past
It's getting harder to tell who I'm talking to
But fuck getting left in the dust, I'm up for the battle now
I'm ready for the war, I'm better than I've been, at coming at it now
And I know that I got a long way to go
But it's hard to do cause I'm bringing it up and bringing it back
And making you all face the fact that it's time you should
I'm not gonna roll over ever, my ammo is infinite
And anything asked of me to surrender you bet I've given it
It's not gonna stop now
You cowards are never gonna kiss the ring
Cause I'm about to make me king

[Hook x2: DeWayne]

[Verse 2: Mike Bars]
When I was yay tall, I dreamed I could play ball
Strapped my J's on, like Mike, then it's game on
Now I'm twenty three, I was way off
But I stayed strong, now I got hooks, like I'm Nate Dogg
Pitch hits, like I'm Akon, spit, like a caged dog
Kids that was raised wrong, still hooked on the same song
Now all of your neighbours will know my name like I'm Trey Songz
Guess I gotta use the force, like I'm the Human Torch and now it's flame on
[?] that you stare past
Now she look at my image and from the newsstand mag
They tell me they wanna hire me, well, too damn bad
How's it feel to want someone that you can't have
You staying out with the mother fucking rejects out at recess
Now I deflect, all the BS, while I eat checks, like a T-Rex
I'm telling my mama I'm sending them food stamps back
Now, when they see me, they better lock and load
I'm a domino when they knock me down baby they all will go
Geronimo, vaminos, I don't wanna miss a thing
Cause I think that it's time that I make me king

[Hook x2: DeWayne]

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