Dex Kwasi - W/ Ivan In Madrid (Juice li) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Dex Kwasi
Album: Afrotrap OKC
Data wydania: 2016-02-23
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: N-Dex
Tekst: Dexter Owusu

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Tekst piosenki

Uh Huh

Uh Huh

Yea Yea Yea Yea yea Yea yea Yea
Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa WHOA

[Fire Ass Verse]
Yo Im coming to get this
Yo Im coming to get rich
And yea some of you will be pissed
Don't let nobody visit
Where my mama be living
And because of experience
I love folks from a distance
So like When I'm in Paris
I might let her come visit
When she come yo I put her to work
We ain't bout to just kick it
You don't know me not a lil bit
I done witnessed some real shit
Can't admit that I witnessed it If its in court, and homey thats real shit
Adjebutta In Naija
Dadabee but be Hustler
I don't hang with no Busters
I don't claim to Boss saf
My lil homeys will Bust shots
Curse you out like "your Moda"
I just give them the Orders
Man I swear they my core fans
Haters rumors they Hot lies
Pillow talking with Hotlines
You no even be my size
Elephants never swat flies
Ain't no time for that stress dog
That cause pain in your chest dog
Stay away from that soda and sodium
Replace with baked potatoes Potassium
Ain't no way that I'm lazy or slack again
Want mercedes and Ladies and stacks again
Want a small yacht just 83 passengers
To the point that I'm dating Kim Bassingers...Daughter
405 Crazy as that may seem
Crazy Lady swear Stacy Insanity
She just came back 2 weeks on Banana boat
Got me thinking How did I get in this underworld where demons and angels are standing close
I don't even know why they wanna try me soooo

I can spit like 99 Hollygrove..Weezy
Cash money I need that Pot of gold
Doing business in Venice and not the beach
I got wine in the vineyard and Property
I sold trees and that money(s) monopoly
Fuck around and then you gon be out of here
I'm in Russia with niggas named Vladimir
I've got diamonds and some of them solitaire
I've got cards and ain't talking bout Solitaire
I would listen to Pac on my way to church
You can ask Tuyee, Kojo or Twumasi
She my old hoe, I know thats your new release
And Vice versa don't care if you hit it first
Seen your bitch if it was me I would swipe to left
Pussy Nudes you can call that a Snatch Chat
All my flows well insured like its Aflac
Sippin slow but the moves I do Fast Fast
Got the hennessy fena take another shot
All my enemies them be Bombaclat
Yea yea yea yea yea
Hol Up

Help my stripper bitch to file her taxes
African but this my style is Dallas
Got my pimpin from my uncle Mallas
Got my slickness from my uncle Pious
Got my trifling from my uncle Yaw
Energy from Uncle Henry
Got my spirit from my aunt Monique
Yesu Christo in my family

Always do your business on the low
If you never known, well now you know
Make some meals up off the sorry hoe
Sit back peep scenario

Gon head the drank gon marinate
Niggas owe me like im sallie mae
Even if you die you have to pay
So don't fuck yourself , Masturbate
Loui by the case if thats the Case
Boys tried to play me like a joke
Boys thought the boy would stay broke
(i) Didn't come thru to laugh today
Kwasi the wifi secured
You only have your life so fight for yours
Wanna be effective, find a cause
Young Kwasi the 5 minus 4
Aspire to inspire before you expire
I'm your new sire
Gadgets in my crib don't use wires
If she rolls my tree then she's hired
And a nigga way way higher, like way way way way Higher
Whoa Whoa Whoa...Lord please save em
They don't know greatness, they ain't seen amazing
They ain't seen amazing
They ain't seen amazing

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