Dey/ Kon - Whatchu Know [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Dey/ Kon
Album: The Disjointed EP
Data wydania: 2014-06-01
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Seany OWE

Tekst piosenki

[Hook 1: JB]
Why you crying, fuck boy, grow a sack, son
You don't want it, motherfucker, back up
What you know about the youngens thugging on a track
Its a wrap, homie, we the ones the legends want to dap up
You don't know about it you don't want to
We be shtting on them what you want, dude
Quit it with the feminine sentences, homie, back up
You ain't nothing, though, we don't love these, hoes, back up

[Verse 1: JB]
Whatchu know about it? Whatchu know about the struggles ho?
I been stressing counting blessings down and left, but fuck it though
Fuck it though, fuck around and puff a pound of dutches down I'm blunted now I'm going all in, I ain't bluffin' no
Putting up everything I have forget possessions
And my only outlet is rap, This is self expression
Hell with questions only thing I'm asking for is a mill
I got the skills for the test, I've invested my will and
Basically I've sold my soul, pray that god don't let me go
Give a fuck, Imma live it up, and imma pray that gets me dough
Imma pray that gets me dough and everything I ever wanted
Like that Haro, but money was tight so momma never bought it
And I never came to realize til I got a little older while they warn of global warming
We've got people getting colder and greedier, needier
Y'all will take but never give, you'll be dead by the end of the night you were blessed with a life but you never live, no

[Hook 1: JB]

[Verse 2: Dey Bishop]
Dey stay blasted, pour a forty for the homie, caught a homi while he hungry, stay laughing
When you lay in casket, yo face fattens, how ironic
Coping with chronic the pains mastered, should go for my doctrine
No bluffing, 7th grade, planning school funds
My cousin at the same age, handling a gun
Tryna shine like a diamond whats a candle to the sun
Cause in the eyes of the fives, we all vandals in the slums
Graduated, in the back of a black Ac' faded chugging a fifth
Fucking this bitch, whats something to sip
Celebrated, but my cousin busting a clip
Devastated, enough, I could flip
An acrobat, my habitat inhabits gats, I don't wanna see em
Hear that clap clap, ratatatata, onamonopeia
Fuck it, R.I.P to the young god
R.E.P till I D.I.E from a gun charge
Not a thug, dog, I ain't homicidal
Shit, I'll prolly kill myself before me doors are suicidal

[Hook 1: JB]

[Hook 2: Dey Bishop]
Why you crying, fuck boy, grow a sac, son
You don't want it motherfucker so just back up
Whatchu know about the youngins fucking with that wax
Crumbling up that crack, hoping that they god is down to dap up
Oh, you know about it, what you want, fool?
We hanging in the back, homie, come through
Quit it with the bitching, these riches we stack up
Talking righteous shit? Homie, back up

[Verse 3: JB]
They say they hate the way we curse, why you so sensitive?
The way I grace the mic with a perfect touch it's almost sedative
It's whatever I said it is now sleep, I'm a mirage
Still the reason parents keep their children's bikes in the garage
I'm a monster like the Loch Ness. Your a fan of hip hop, yes?
Then tell me who's tatted on Pac's chest. Tell me where Frank White died
Who was reppin' 139 and Lennox? Taught me Ebonics, he was a nice guy
We all live in this world but there's a lot of danger
I've contemplated staying in a hyperbolic chamber
Because people aren't my nature id rather be, one with nature
Away from pavement and skyscrapers, doing things in my favor
Making sure I'm safe and don't get stuck like fly paper
Live now die later, get down 5 lazers pointed at us
Mother fuckers need to back up

[Hook 2: Dey Bishop]

[Verse 4: Dey Bishop]
They say we smoke too much, like whatchu talking about
I say you think you know too much, so shut your fucking mouth
I need to slow down, your circle still up with that fake shit
Like red or blue, I'm the purple pill up in the matrix
Lifes a bitch, but that bitch a dominatrix
Her safe word is 'death' along with her favorite fragrance
While your daddy ageless or played with gats
My mama was a waitress, whats more gangster than that?
This town? I feel like god had planned it
Thats why our eyes slanted till we see the nine planets
Fuck a friend or relation rather sink in titantic
Pick up lines to the thickest thighs, sympathize with stick up guys on the brink of nines, cannons
Why I drink and drive, frantic in the blink of eyes, panic
Quite scared these nightmares, were just dreams, now the scenes are panoramic

[Hook 2: Dey Bishop]

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