Flaimthrower - Mac Miller - Diablo (Remix) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Flaimthrower
Data wydania: 2014-10-31
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki


[Verse 1: Flaimthrower]
It's the rap diablo
I try to act like i'm macho
But i'm a shadow waiting for you in the darkness trying to follow
Things always get better tomorrow
That's my motto
Then i'll go and win this game like the lotto
Would you mind if I borrow you as an audience
I just need some people cause I don't think you like my music
It's obvious
That i'm alone in hip hop with my lonely thoughts
Somewhere in space with the astronauts
Hit em with an asteroid
Sucker punch em into the sky
Me rapping is more annoying than that sty on the inside of your eye
This is just what I've decided to do
If this makes you upset go and have somebody kiss you're boo boo (haha)
Cause i'm different
I stand out like a sore thumb
But at least I stand out at all
The way you all act and talk
Trying to mimic each other
Trying to fit in
Even i'm in that mix
Holding a match stick
When Flaimthrower is on the mic
It's about to get hot
Lava flow
Sun spots
What are you?
The opposite
I'm getting more confident
As my skills enhance
Can I go to the next level?
No you can't
Stuck in the same spot with minimal experience
I'm getting better though I think
Stop laughing i'm serious
All I wanna do is write raps until I get delirious
But the stuff I write is worse than the food in your cafeterias
Well not that bad but it's still a work in progress
I'm the next gen of hip-hop
You other fools are just nonsense
Are some of my concepts to complex?
Do I have to dumb it down for the hotheads writing comments about me having to clarify my objectives?
Rap to me is one giant quest
Slaying dragons and trying save the princess
Guess who are the dragons
No offense
Your knight in shining armor is here
Don't be scared
I just have horns where my ears used to be
And red skin and a devilish beard

[Verse 2: Flaimthrower]
As soon as you think i'm done
I'm back on that beat like obi wan
Jedi master and the main character in a horror slasher
Come and meet me at camp crystal lake
With a stake to put it through Dracula's heart and share a piece of garlic cake
I'm sorry what was that word you called me
I prefer underdog for god's sake
I'm the last kid you would've expected making beats and destroying them
It's like having missile launchers and deploying them
To my friends i'm just annoying them
To life i'm enjoying him
He's just been ignoring them
Like when you read my texts and don't answer back
What the heck is that?
I'll remember that
Here go and take a shortcut through the forest (good luck with that)
I got my pen in hand but still can not find any notes
Except for ripped up pages of other song I've wrote
This stuff gets intense when all you do is devote
All of your spare time into something people don't like so let's hope
I can get away like a mouse in a trap and just rap
Moving my mouth in a way that will make people clap
My friends telling me that this idea I should scrap
Well this diablo's from hell
You don't need a map to find that

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