Fluffy - 34 [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Fluffy
Album: Frowned Upon
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Kato

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1]

Yeah, i've seen some peps on a fuckin' tree
Not enough to make me leave bitch they were double D's
I got punch lines but not enough for you to see
Ridin' Triple C's
Bitch I copped a cup of Lean
And ran and robbed a dollar from a thief
I'm obsolete come cop a seat
Or drop a beat for me to read
I got some skill so come compete
I'm rich in fact the kid is back
To rip some tracks his bitch is bad, but matter of fact uh he's wack. Yeah
Ridin' in my Pontiac
Sippin' on some cognac
Bro this fucking album sucks I want my fucking money back!
He won't get it
Dude admit it
Finish your sentence the kid is a menace you fuckin' play tennis just stop and go to venace!
Beach, sittin' on my neighbor's street
Damn I got to clean my feet
Been walking in some fucking grease
Damn, girls just want a piece
Sent half my dick out and now they all stressing me
Wait where's cheeze?
He probably got my keys
Been fuckin' up ever since that crash down in 93'
People hatin' on Fluffy
Sayin' "Oh thats enoughy"
Bitch that ain't a word
Stop acting absurd
I guess you got some nerve
To be fuckin' with us
To listen to me?
Yeah that's a must
It's to soon to bust
I'll leave you in the dust
I DTA, yeah with no trust
But switch it up and go next
No no no, just stop, im the best
Sike dont be cocky
And dont copy
But, Come box me i'll leave you in the dirt all sloppy
Like your bitch last night?
I think I had her drunk as a fish last night?
And I think I wrote a diss last night?
But chill my fists don't fight
But her clit's all tight
Haha lemme stop
Is this beat alright?
Yo Stop acting like I care kid fuck your life
You're a dyke go pop a sprite and fly a kite
Get off my dick yo fanny pack
I see you're wearing yoga pants but your fanny's flat
Noah stay on track
Yo don't tell me what to do
I'll get my fam to come for you
Or my fans to come and sue
Get off me


All these bullshit faggots wanna fuck with me
Sayin' I got no talent how bout you come suck on me
Cuz I got no problems all my fans lovin' me
Quit talkin' shit kid, do some something, come at me

[Verse 2]

Chillin on the bus writing lyrics like it's something new
We just flipped around a corner damn yo he's getting rude
I'm with my crew
They went and scooped
The nearest coupe
And popped the roof and rolled some doobs
Our car is souped
I'm watchin channel two
Yeah, im spitting bars like I popped a xan
Trippin' out woah wait hold up umm is that my hand?
I don't understand, this man's trynna' get me in his van
To sick to stand
I'm whippin' work in a Caravan
Under rated, underestimated, hated, and debated on
Now I am the one you're waiting on
The lame is gone
Look at me now, like chris brown
You get dicked down
Who's at the top now get boxed out
Every new song I got got a hotter sound
You gon be at the bottom right?
Nah i'd rather drown
Lyricism at its finest? Yeah I think so
Maybe i'll get better by the time that I do shows
Okay, move those
Other artists off the list they spit shit now get dissed
Go ahead fix it
But it won't do you any good
I'm still wearin' my hood and doing it good
Just like I should
But you never could
You were never good
Now I release havoc
Lyrically it's not tragic
How I'm writing this? Pure magic
Now get to bed. No
Listen to my acapella instead



Alright listen
Fuck PA and all the 6 and 7th grade faggots in it
Lil Kids wanna hate, but it's cool, I'm still winning
But don't call me charie sheen cuz I stay sinning
But get off yo ass cuz I see you still sittin'
Okay well you missin' out
There's a distant drought of music gon be comin bout
I'm starving kids as if it's the south
But kick the route. I've worked too hard to be stuck in the house like a mouse
Where's your girl lemme get under the blouse
But I douse
You with lyrics till you fuckin' drown
Don't come to my town
VA, I stay on my feet like some new jays
But I stay merkin' rappers as if I'm goin today
You can feel the thirst, when I steal the purse to kneel the worst
In terms you've never heard I disperse my nerves, and kill your head on the fuckin' curb

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