Flux Duckling - Tongue Unloosened [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Flux Duckling
Album: Steady Waxing
Data wydania: 2014-05-17
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Bibio

Tekst piosenki

Aunt Wu: Your destiny...this is incredible! You will be involved in a great battle! An awesome conflict between the forces of good and evil, a battle whose outcome will determine the fate of the whole world!
Aang: Yeah, yeah, I knew that already. But did it say anything about a girl?
Wu: A girl? You want to know about...love?

First off, of course this beat is ripped off
I hope you let it go like the shirt you slipped off
I think not, chapter's closed for a while now
But thinking about you is making me smile now
I gotta laugh about the past, the path
The chemistry we had but then divided like math
Hoping for gravity or something to kick in
Pull us close together, let the lights get dim

Or illuminate your face on the steps
I resorted to apathy the moment you wept
I resorted to stone face as soon as you left
I retrace to the place where the secret was kept
Hey Pandora, how do you open the box
When it's covered in locks, small talk, and second thoughts?
Mouth's filled with blood, biting my tongue
Getting stuck in a rut until the next verse comes

Confessing to a mic doesn't make me feel anxious
So just let me say
I'm aware that I'm pervasively evasive
And that saying that it's complicated ain't that persuasive
So just know that of course I never hate you
It's just a problem finding someone I relate to
These quick sips of solitude stuck me in a bitter mood
Waiting for the better days, for a better way to say what I gotta
But I said "oughta" in autumn and now it's summer, what a bummer
I can't give you emotions without words
And start speaking in slurs, and doubting my worth
But your smile is priceless, even if you ain't the nicest
I like you for you, fuck what my type is
Clacking on a keyboard, writing metaphors
Speaking similes for something like a semaphore
Allowing myself to be seen, know what I mean?
Or do you mean to demean the Dream of a Teen?
Katy Periwinkle blue eyes, staring at the blue sky
Thinking about who lies, and who lies inside pride
It's hard for me to link up or sync up
When saying I'm wrong is something I don't even think of
On the daily, I'm faring fairly fair here my dear
Blazing sky high like Halley
I could write code for you
For you're in range
While I engage in different flavors and behaviors

But would you pick up on my transmission?
Would you pick up on my true position
Would you pick up on the true definition
Of virtue and vice, of sacrifice?
No need to say it twice, I know I'm too nice

(I know these rhymes are too nice)

One time for your mind, too much time for my own
Roaming on my throne, wondering if I'm blessed to be alone
Well misery loves company, I'd rather have you happy
Than have to deal with me, Mr. Monster Love Sappy
Loved trappy raps, but Hard in the Paint I ain't
Well acquainted with restraint, yeah I'm starting to feel faint
So before I feint indifference, or succumb to senescence
Know that you're my quintessence
Quick quips about me missing you
Or witticisms wondering who we're wishing to
Or wishing we would whisper too
Pining for the pillow parleys like we used to do
While I'm getting spread thin here like butter
I'm wondering, could you utter just a mutter
Of what kind of thoughts keeps you awake in the twilight
Cause maybe the neurotic neurons apply to my life

Servant: I may be out of line by saying this, but I don't think he can handle a task of this magnitude!
Goroujuu: Really? You are young, aren't you? I'm not surprised that someone from your generation might doubt him. You want to know why he doesn't draw his sword? Because there hasn't been an opponent out there that's been worthy of him in ages

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