Flux Duckling - Thought Loops [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Flux Duckling
Album: Steady Waxing
Data wydania: 2014-08-19
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: MF DOOM

Tekst piosenki

Jake: “Haha, yeah…I’m just getting a little bored is all. All these cars of monsters are kind of all the same…it’s a little boring.”
Finn: “Oh c’mon, it’s fun! Just one more car, c'mon. C’mon man, c’mon!”
Jake: “Alright, just one more…"

Now don't you think it's all the same, cause I swear it's all the same
But I know you’re not here anymore
So don't tell me you've not changed, cause I know we're not the same
But I know I'm not here anymore

[Verse 1]
Days gone by, weeks are farther
It's been a month and a half since I've talked to my father
Call from my brother, wondering how I was
Better question is who, why, just because
Lately, I got fate on my mind
If I'll be fine when I hit 29
Will I ever find that lady, one day we'll share a baby
I'm fantasizing all the time, for all I know you hate me
Rue the whirl, I got to rule the world
Gotta flip it on its axle and make it twirl
And make spring fall in an instant
I'm not here to crush it homie, here to mince it
I wonder if it's going according to plan
Would the little boy approve of the man I am
Still a boy at heart, time began to move
Me to another state of mind I'm starting to lose
Think I lost the old me when I started to rhyme
But samurais still guide these thoughts sometimes
I could reminisce, about the times I got picked last
Or the bliss before the rhymes when I started to get fast
Started to run, onwards and upwards
Started to flow too, oh hey what up words
Yes they can hardly understand him, the rambling man mangling verses
And anything that he's handling
Oh I guess I’m getting serious, sincere, trapped in bars like Sirius
Demented and pretentious, yeah you're hearing this
A bit too psycho, naw it's cool I’m feeling this
Yeah this Psychonaut’s not all for naught
I'm riding waves so nautically, harmonically, methodically
So wave your goodbyes, but don't you dare cry
Gotta get out of these transit walkway walklines
Change the Murray movies, try to watch the Moonrise
Life’s an adventure, high time I found it
Instead of always staying Grounded


[Verse 2]
Time to think of something, think of nothing
Think of something literal, less hyper-hypocritical
The crux of it all, just me this fall
Just me last fall, I’m adjusting is all
Think I’ll risk this? I'm half-joined like meniscus
Thoughts and words measured out to microliters lick split
Oh shit, I slipped quick, monotony in spirit
"Little in the chamber, hey you wanna clear it?"
No I’d rather not, I’m done with faking thought
I’m done being tired and these things that I’m not
See it feels so hard, to go so hard
Wake up in the morning just to see these scars
The maligned Mensa mind’s just aligning the spine
In thoughts and deed as we proceed or rewind
And design, divine a simple blind move
Thinking hey, maybe then finally I’d find you
But who do we use, are we reused
Composted, posted up, and plastered
The disaster is letting fear become the actor or master
You don't move quick, you're letting time move faster now


Jack: “Cannot fight it…not alone. Cannot do it alone…”
Jack’s Mother: “You are not alone, my son. We are always with you.”
Jack’s Father: “Your castle is strong, my son.”
Jack’s Mother: “Your allies are many.”
Jack’s Father: “Wield what lies within, and reclaim what is yours. Break the siege of darkness."

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