FlyTippers - Crash Bandicoot [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: FlyTippers
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1 - Lunar C]


Back at these new rappers spin 'em like Crash Bandicoot
Brag and you'll get flattened for having a bad attitude
Rush the rich kids and take your fandangled gadgets too
Let a fan dangle you off your dad's mansion roof
Don't speak, I put my money where my mouth is
And I ain't got no gold teeth
We out here fuck anybody that's doubtin', these strangers act like they know me
I'm balls deep, big headed you're phony, synthetic
Your flow's too easily ingested and only retards are impressed wid it
I've been prepped for this, I was born ready
Everything you aim for I did it already
Mugs are all petty with their online squabbles
I want the big figures like plus size models
Too raw for you mugs to handle, can't say I'm not real pick another angle
I'm rugby tackling the next arsehole who tells me I should go do another battle
I'm in my own lane I'm not changing - gears
I just wanna get a milli then I'm out
All the kids at school used to say I'm - weird
Cause I used to get my little willy out
In the class, now the wonder how I made it - here
In it for the penny, in it for the pounds
Being that broke again's my greatest - fear
Cause I'm coming from the bottom is a [?]

[Hook - Lunar C]
Don't believe all that bullshit they let ya think
That is really smoke and mirrors and clever editin'
The best out, pound for pound
I'll Tasmanian devil spin 'em round and round
Goin' Crash Bandicoot on everythin'
Goin' Crash Bandicoot on everythin'
Goin' Crash Bandicoot on everythin'
Goin' Crash Bandicoot on everythin'
Goin' Crash Bandicoot on everythin'

[Verse 2 - Minas]
I'll [?] down the back avenue
With a fat lass or two
Goin' Crash Bandicoot cause she won't pass the zoot (I'm faded)
Eyes lower than a fat kangaroo
Hotboxin' in the black Astra Coupe, young jam jam
Damn, fam you messin' with the beefy thugs
Special needs gen-i-us, Twenty inch pen-i-us
So big that its got an extra letter in it
Turn a bitch dyslexic when she get the di-dick
The best that ever did it, Trill Roy been heavy
Housewife holler at ya boy like my tea's ready
Sirloin steak, medium rare
Red wine with [??], salon quality hair, Trill Roy!

[Hook - Lunar C]

[Verse 3 - Chief Wigz]
Goin' Crash Bandicoot on everythin'
Mr crash mat, crack a [??] on my head again
Tell a friend, yeah I'm sick no Benylin
And when I'm skeleton I'll be more relevant than Edison
Yeah, fresh no peppermint and baby rappers who test my team
Ain't up to par with your shit bit schemes
[???] like you split both seems
Wantin' me that bitch won't leave, fitted gold teeth (yeah yeah)
Fifty fifty pound notes in the home where I sleep
Been there and done what you're trying to a-cheive
Balls deep in everything I do
I tried to go yea I tried to - leave
Booked three or few in Timbuktu
Cold ill motherfucker you can catch my - sneeze
Atchoo God bless me dude
Make a rapper be like a [?] - [?]
You know Street Fighter 2

[Hook - Lunar C]

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