Forever M.C. & it’s different - Lights Out [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Forever M.C. & it’s different
Album: Forever M.C.
Data wydania: 2018-03-30
Producent: ​it’s different

Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Passionate MC]
Oh my, oh my
You see, we gotta hop in the game and show 'em
We can do what they do but a little bit better
You know what I mean? What up Hop

[Verse 1: Passionate MC]
I just got up off the phone with my nigga Hopsin
He was like: "How long 'til you think it's droppin'?"
What's droppin'? You talkin' 'bout my album bih?
And that pushed me to the edge of the balcony
Dove in it, rose winnin', no sippin' with the toes drippin'
I was flow switchin' with the gold shiverin'
'Cause his whole vision was to go get it
With the pages to write, aim 'til it dry
Made a new rhyme, laid it on the mic
I continue the game until it was high
Even further than the fame and the lights
Stop boy, I'ma show you what I got boy
All my niggas rockin', we gon' get it poppin'
On the day this album drop boy
Everybody gonna play you right
I remember when I hate the light, take advice
Everything you gotta sacrifice and put that work in every day and night
Timin' on the clock, timin' on the clock
See the grindin' never stop, grindin' never stop
Woah hey watch me thinkin' up the plot
Hey finger lickin' with the pot, hey trigger finger with the shot
Hey hit it for the go with a little bit of pain when they get it through the smoke
Give it up the pain in the middle of the show 'cause he never been afraid livin with it exposed
Gotta make a name stick it in my own lane
While they get the propane gotta better let it explode
Then I can get in my zone, lettin' my enemies know, I'm in control
Oh no, he didn't flip, holy moly with the script
That's so Meek, get the sweep, fuck a Rollie on a wrist
I work solely on this shit, overdose 'em with the scripts
Grip the P, rest in peace, no emotion with the hits
Boy, boy, boy, no emotion with the hits boy

Yeah Yeah Yeah

[Verse 2: Hopsin]
Yo Passionate gimme the track I'm smashing it
I'm backing this you can't forget
Then I'm handing motherfuckers they ass again
And you know I'm only repping Los Angeles
We savages, and we ain't to play with
Y'all done dug a new grave to lay in
I played your mixtape, it ain't amazin'
I saved the game, my new cape just came in
It's safe to say that my swag is on god
Why you motherfuckers always actin' so soft?
Where your bitch at? I snatch her clothes off
Then smash the ho raw then after doze off (sorry, sorry)
She just a rebound, I lost my mind and it's nowhere to be found
Fuckin' with me then you will catch a beat down
You better keep 911 on the speed dial
I been on dumb shit, mentally dysfunction
From being locked in the dungeon, don't make assumptions
When a nigga on stage, I can make 'em get down like lunges
Yes it's true, solo I don't rep a crew, niggas like, "Who the heck are you?"
I dropped in from a spaceship and wrecked the roof
Hold up nigga, you tryna step to who?
We don't wanna get into a weirdo nigga who don't got a brain all I do is cause misery
I don't know what happened to your career, it's weird, it disappeared, it's an unsolved mystery
I can do this all day bro, I'm a volcano, you should all lay low
Niggas claim they a boss on a small payroll
Man I pull up to the scene and take all they hoes

[Verse 3: The Boy Illinois]
Runnin' up a check like an incline
Double cup, mix the ether with the enzymes
No handouts, had to hand to hand mine
No cell, gotta hit me with the landline
I'm from the crip though, that's east side (yup)
Got white color crime on my visa (yup)
Got the emblem lookin' like a peace sign (peace)
Slow kills murder on the street side
Lakeshore, no sea side, left-handed if I ever needed drive
On average, I get it in the meantime
From the median and but I never seen sides
Get 'em to mo to the team shine
Just try to do it all season, 'cause I'm seasoned
Got most of my game from the pimps and the preachers
Sippin' Perrier and I stay lazy but I'm never tired like Kevin Gates
With a nation, on seven trey, I pray to Allah like everyday
'Cause a nigga lie like everyday, at the same time he speakin' of the place
3 piece suit with the Mary K and he got it kicked back like Mary J

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