Gangrene - Noon Chuckas [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Gangrene
Album: You Disgust Me
Gatunek: Rap
Tekst: The Alchemist, Oh No

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Oh No]
The pen is still soiled
I spill that oil like Penzoil
Then Peel you like tin foil
The game has been spoiled
Call up that temp lawyer
Blame it on the sanity so they could get help for you
I [?] these bars over that [?]
That lost soldier, that sober
That ogre, that boss told you
That sly niggas to loaned you
That rock and roll hall of fame material after I stone you
You a loner, I specialize in aromas
I let 'em sniff when I roll up a glimpse of that California
Then put 'em in that deep level of a coma
They rolling up on that [?]
Show up
I come and fuck up your sofa
Bunch of little crumbs like I was dumping a toaster
Bunch of fucking bums chill with y'all heads [?]
We'll be there to get that Hope cut
Ayo, hold up
Sit yo' bitch ass down
Count this right here


[Verse 2: Alchemist]
Get money, fuck bitches
Turn knobs, touch switches
While I cut pies and serve dishes
Smell the scent from the kitchen, I'm on a mission
Keep the low from the toaster oven until it crispin'
Play the door while I perform, you collect admission
Needles skipping, the loop's on repetition
Palms itching, stand on the mound of dirt
Like a pitcher while I'm rubbing my money, grip is for friction
It's the bumbaclot clot rasta caucasian blowing wax
Limbs relax like a tropical vacation
See me in the public, same on the mini cam
Composed doctrine know it I'm Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam
Rhythm and blues brothers
Flow through the gutter like used rubbers
Chain swinging like some Noon Chuckas
I'm a criminal advocate, money magnet
Seram wrap the work, you looking comfortable
Bagging it

[Verse 3: Oh No]
Under pressure, I'm a survivor
I could throw 'em a time or let 'em expire
Rocking a fresh J's, white T attire
With dirty Levis, nobody flier
They must have wings to achieve getting higher
Remember, y'all the customers and we the suppliers
Cause we distributing that high to the clients with an institute
We teaching the pilots how to fly it
See us broken down into a science, read the signs
It says it's full of chemicals inside it
Like cooking got it bubbling and frying
And it's only trouble cause you niggas know it's death defying
I bare hand scrap, trying rumble with a lion
And I'm an animal, who the fuck you eying
Cause you know we ain't buying it, we supplying it
Sending ships pirating while they rioting

[Interlude 2]

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