Gary Lazer Eyes - Marine Corps(e) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Gary Lazer Eyes
Data wydania: 2015-06-17
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Hook: Gary Lazer Eyes]
Sherman why ya acting like a fool?
Wanted rap beef cutting steak up with a spoon, yeah
Sherman why ya stressing on my team?
Perhaps you are jealous of what we are to achieve, yeah
So Sherman why ya acting like a cunt?
Looking at the videos and cover art like "What"
You wish you had all the means to create
A mind like mine is impossible to defeat, yeah

[Verse 1: Gary Lazer Eyes]
Before I go dissing let me tell you how I like my beef
I like my steak medium only a little pink in the meat
I tell you this now and I hope you wrote it down
Cause you'll be serving me dinner when i'm donned with a crown
As King of the Visionaries
Ender of the military
No marine preliminaries
Introduce the ripened berry
Symbolizing new growth as foretold by the war that hosts, both
Head to head in tribal war
Speaking sour on my friends will bring the news to your door
Scroll through the gazette to find obituary with your name
"Rest in peace Marine he never brought his a-game" hot damn

[Hook: Gary Lazer Eyes]

[Verse 2: Gary Lazer Eyes]
You threaten my property with firearms how cute is that?
I heard it all before in every single rapper's diss track
Your aesthetic lacks substance
You don't even know what that means
Oh God I wish you realized how stupid you make yourself seem!!!
You talk bad upon the work of the brilliant
Shamelessly using MS Paint who's got the skills yet?
I passed out at the wheel listening to No Pressure
Made Gary so bored I fell into a deep depression
It's Hunting Season and you're looking like a prime prey
No god is gonna listen to ya squad is eating today:
Fried Reynolds with a side of Baked Marine
It's not cannibalism I'm a human you're nothing, wuh!!

[Hook: Gary Lazer Eyes]

[Verse 3: Gary Lazer Eyes]
Chris, I decide to dedicate this part to you
Couldn't stay on beat for a...line or two
Instead of being mean and just plain hurting you
I'll just drop a little lesson for you sorry little fool
First: Before you write the verse listen to the beat
Second: Be a man enough to admit your defeat
Third is the only offer that i'm gonna make
I suggest you stop recording and move way out of state, ah!!

[Verse 4: Gary Lazer Eyes]
Sherman, Sherman bugging like a vermin
Bars are so foul that it's downright disturbing
Can't hear your adlibs and your mixer sucks
But at least you have Chris riding all on ya nuts
That's better than nothing but i salute you nonetheless
I'll be the bigger man and put an end to this
But if you would like to get mad and return the diss
Don't expect a response i'm over kiddie shit

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