Ghosty - McDonald's Is Hiring [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Ghosty
Album: UPS Is Hiring
Data wydania: 2010-10-27
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: B. White]
Ayo, precise when I'm writin'
The clash of all titans
Half of 'em enlightened, the other half is bitin'
Raw rap, all crack, fall-back, fightin'
I'm the rain, I'm the thunder, fucker, all-night lightning
Who you know like me?
[??] might be
Ghost know the deal, appeal to most wifeys
Lord knows, ex-hoes all spite me
I move too fast, the sight of me's unlikely
Entice me, we can ball for a minute
Or put it all in and go to war till we finished
No small digits, I ball on all pivots
Old school sound, underground, all vintage
A motherfuckin' menace to society, ho
High and drunk, I don't like the way sobriety go
White hoes, black too; I like variety, yo
What I'm worth, bet you dyin' to know
I'm providin' the blow
For five figures I deliver, get the picture
Get ridiculous, though
I'm inconsiderate, I'll finish you slow
Me and Ghost three-river the flow
Got a vision
When I get it, I don't sit on it
I give it and go
Truthfully, not concerned what you used to be
Usually, five A-M is like noon to me
Wide awake with my eyes on cake
They say "why so early?"
I say "why so late?"
Look, seven-nine you can find my estate
Nothin' crooked, look, I fly so straight, no breaks
No tags, no plates, no fence, no gates
A nomad, homie; when I die, no wake
And if I die, don't wait
And when it's all over, you rely on faith
Five Swishers and an eighth, I'm gone

[Verse 2: Ghosty]
The head the la' raw flavored, like edible drawers
But never raw, wash them, medically flawed chickies
Kickin' thoughts off the crop, crispy
Y'all stand out; not without the cap-locks or shift key
I hand out lessons
Brand substance, never shy from progression
My flyer fluid coupe with frequent flyer discretion
Lies and deception make your product intangible
We ain't feelin' that shit, but won't bother a clan of fools
Damage lose for the creepin' and proper
They sing like Sinatra
Or make a scene with the meanest opera
My taper clean when I leave the barber
Ears bleam like the Queen's daughter
Magazines like the daughter of the Queen's father
Spiteful, you'll be a martyr for that green bread
Jealousy bred, I kill beats, leave the melody dead
I still eat, so exceptionally fed
Finish cleverly, risin'
Pitch diamonds, like Dennis Eckersley rhymin'
Or drop jewels like Cam'ron Jiles
I spot clowns, niggas tampons now?
Listen, you ignorant as that Disney flick, Pocahontas
Predictive sick full, my shit exists, Flow-stradamus
Chill, I pay respects with my own style
Why she ain't pay one bill, but think she grown now?
I see now, they ask why Ghost don't speak loud?
Cause they pay attention when I speak, clown
See now, why you even gotta speak down?
Well why you niggas keep scribblin' that weak down?
And even worse, why you call that shit a freestyle?
Instrumental-murderer, I couldn't beat trial
So guilty, flow filthy, they don't want me free now
School 'em with the wisdom
Don't fool 'em with the rhythm
Cause all they wanna hear is some dudes that's really spittin'
Hence you ain't hip to the smaller hop community
Don't fret, UPS could offer opportunities
My man's John Quest already got it off from truancy
From MC University, true indeed
And this is Ghost, not a man of many faces
Pour a shot of Henny simply for the Henny chaser
And B. White got the semi with the infra laser
You struggle, save enough with payments from the penny saver
Nigga, McDonald's is hiring, as well

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