Haf n' haf - Red Eye Flight [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Haf n' haf
Album: Early Morning Flight
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Haf n' haf]

Nighttime rhymin' got me seaching for some diamonds
In my mind is where I'll find 'em
Please excuse me while I mine 'em
Some see them as blinding, others say they shining
Some listen to the lyrics
But they can't see what's behind 'em
Motivate the kids, cause my soul is what I spit
My goal is limitless, Bradley Cooper, what it is?
Fans go wild cause its vile; what I'm spittin'
Freestyles all seem written
Love the gift that I've been given
Witness and they listen
You'd think Socrates has risen from that prison
In a witty pothead, silly not dead
Watch me blow up bitch, call me 'Achmed'
Smoke away stress don't be a hothead
Fuck a cop fed, sniper dot red
Piping hot lead, pigs got fed
(Leave em all dead!)

'Haf didn't know you could talk like that'
Fuck it, I'm higher than a rocketpack
Cutiepie hop on my lap
'Nah playboy, not a bop, got class'
Whoa, not tryna be slick, relax
'Hmm, maybe can I rock that hat?'
Iunno that's my fave snapback..
'If I behave bad can I have that?'
My oh my, there goes that class
Don't be shy, expose that ass
I'll give kisses slow and fast
Aftermath? We smoke that grass
Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay (bloop, bloop)
Nah can't wait now, Miss-behave
Get it? Nah? Aw don't sweat it
Keep calm, just carry on with the method
From Montreal, but I got her reppin'
DBSC, that's all she yellin'
Take the princess and call me villain
Bowser style's the way I'm chillin'
Wow describes the way I'm feelin'
Out my mind, yeah I've been sippin'

What's that gorgeous? Where's my chorus?
None your business (Ain't important)
Scoring for my city but really have no Jersey/Jerzee
Actually I do, FameCity is the crew
Got my dopeboys too, and we all make moves
And we all ain't snooze... nah, bitch..

[Verse 2: Never]
Look, I'm addicted
In fact my mind conflicted
I barely listen to rap, I have every line predicted
And most of 'em rhyme constricted

I never really stayed inside the fucking lines
A misfit... is what I was and what I will be
Y'all don't feel me, but I'm still me
If I don't get stronger from it its gon'
Probably kill me

Crack a philly and inside of it I'm tryna spill weed
I put on a fake smile, and that's the real me
Don't start a fucking problem unless you run faster than light
I'd be lying if I said I ain't heard the gun blasting at night
I'm ain't that one trapped in that life
Just don't be surprised..
When I walk up on you bitches with them sunglasses at night
Cause I'm that one grasping that mic
I dare you to take it from me
I ain't gotta be violent
I'll spare you and make it funny (Aha)

I been here too, I'm making money
Bright nights, when there's nothing to compare it to what makes it sunny
So we sleep when the sunshine
Which is ironic cause I stay up drinking moonshine
Most of these other cats only only got one grind
That's the difference between us, I stay up with a few grinds
In fact Haf, I think you put me here to show off
Broadway, all day, aw man, he 'bout to go off
Monopoly chasing for the cash
She probably shaking that ass
She running on empty, she probably wait to be gassed
And she tryna get friendly, her heart pacing
I'm placing it last
Too busy taking fucking shots to put chase in a glass
So don't say nothing 'bout the artists that's with me
Cause most of these artists are heartless-
In the heart of my city
I'm laughing if somebody gon' get a blogger to diss me
You say it behind a computer screen, its hardly as risky
Its easy to put the pieces of the puzzle together
Long as I got my dogs around, they ain't muzzling Never
And tell 'em backstabbers, "We ain't cowards"
Cause in my city I stand fucking tall in my city like the CN Tower, I'm gone..

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