Harry Shotta - Bass N Bars - JDZ media [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Harry Shotta
Data wydania: 2014-04-16
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

Back in the game, stop using my name
If they say anyone's better than me... insane!
Yo, pull up a track real quick
Let me show pricks I reign on this mix, get out on my lane
Move bitch, get out the way!
It's ludicrous
They can't spray like I spray, my way, on the highway
Stop talking sideways
Side man you're offside
Switch beats easily, microphone champion
Since Scott La Rock was in BDP, rahh!
Too much for ya, over you head
Now let me dumpa ya
Shit stained, shit rep is stuck to ya
Good luck to ya-
Kill 'em on a rhythm and I kill 'em on the track
Get a combo, kill a man twice with a combat
I've sign contracts you have never seen
You made no music, no one got in contact
I just did it
Cold with it, flow acidic
Limitless I got no limits
Argument done with a mixtape finished what?!
Man I wet him up, he ain't getting up
You JDZ it's time that we set em' up
Wait that was a bit like evil, in a way I'm bit like evil
Sept I'm a Grooner [?] Spurs
They're both my people
Hold on switches, no glitch in the mix
Wickedest words, we takin' the mick n this
Like some bigamist
Taking his wife to the Cinema
Buyin' her pick n mix
Licking his lips but at the same time
He was dickin' it
On his side wife he bought her fish n chips
Tongue to the face he knows she's ticklish, mad ting!
My mind is warped I know
I'm so B triple O
Thats bang out of order
Get to know bro
I'm fucked in the head from day DOT
And you know I'm hard as K-Dot
So allow Macklemore, he's about as hip-hop as Baywatch
Bury anyone disrespecting pagans part two
Sick of these rappers all thinking of the dappers
When they're bout as real as a cartoon
Robots on the mic like C-3PO
Your boy can't sing but he thinks he's Ne-Yo
Have a word your bird's on my case
Moving away with speed like Theo
Dead man yeah dead upon arrival
Took a shot to my eyeball
Man said shotts you're taking the Michael
I'm psycho with a messed up [?]
Homicidal miss my idol big pun with the bars
I'm vital and I'm not doing this for awards or titles
Yo hold on one, let me get em debating
One man thought I wasn't competing
You fools are all right but it need some tweaking
Breaks [?]
Punch that button to next weekend
Speaking now are turning about me
Jump to the whip through some meeking
Man wanna bring out the animal good
[?] to cannibal whopping in the hood
Drama [?] til you understood if you pissing me off
All that you put is to putting is to man in your place
Too many man in the game
Man manor are waste whack emcees I erase
Man is offended, look at his face
Level [?]
Not even I'm just stupid
Never sleep got up fam [?] from the shit
Rough couch, roll up the spliff
Bars and bass hard her
People taking it in my first verse allow it
You don't wait for the whip
Sick when I rap sick when I skit
Triple x hardcore
Ain't gonna as hard as this diss on day before
Lyrical [?] of the lyricist
Expose their content while I deliver
Too many man wanna touch my fist then disrespect on twitter
Think I really care, everyday my fam [?] getting bigger
What you tryna do, already done it
What you wanna do, already did it
[?] 2014 came in a rhythm and a harder lyrics
Them [?] ain't hard as me
I'm legendary like [?]
Wanna wanna be harmony
[?] sippin' on pharmacy
[?] on the black market whip neck no shit
Talking about make mixtapes and bars
I gotta a lot of them when I came in the game
With Kay Gee mix
Arsenal to the Tatum
God knows how many mixtapes down to line
I still dropping them
Forget one at year, I'll drop five
Well sixty shot your not live
You're not top three top five
You don't booked with hot guys
I was in the kitchen doing hot nights
Turn it and count the
Tryna going against me that's not wise

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