HarZoiD - ENME [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: HarZoiD
Album: Wumbo
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Gimme outta here!
In this community, I feel so great and I feel so
Safe (10x)

[Verse 1]
I peel off the top
Never gon stop this
Up and abruptness just like the copsses
Ready to rock
But I would not swap bliss
With someone who's on the level of monotonous
Fast like Jamaica, Ackee and saltfish
I am the main, you are the side dish
I'm from Palmdale, your from Petri Dish
Man you a chick who tries to act fiend-ishness
Man I elect you suspects
Get dubsteped
In your chest
It breaks necks
Them doctor who inspect
Can't find ways to correct
It's too bent
They wanna run and hit eject
But it's too bad to neglect
Get unchecked

[Chrous] (2x)
You my, eNME
With your bag of threats and a
ENME, tryna make me fret, and a
ENME but don't you forget that I know where you live and your girls a brunette

[Verse 2]
Mauwed in the face!
Face on the floor!
He be screaming, she be screaming
Yeah I want more
And you ain't gon win
And I'm up top like ol' Odin
And I'll show him
How we rolling
Like cops when they patrolling uh
We much tougher than them
Much buffer than
We must apprehend
Yall niggas and friends
Who try to contend
With niggas like us
Get penned
Up in the system
Y'all niggas with them
Man I'm rolling with a different party from the starty
Like Meg Whitman
Speak up bro, hit send
Your too poor to whip Benz
Allocate your memory, upgrade with new equipment
You hang out with men
While I flirt with women
No girls in party, all I see is all your shh friends


[Verse 3]
Ooooo, it's happening right
War in the streets, no cappers in sight
Bust a cap in yah light, make it blacker than night
Mauwed in your face, ice pack would be nice
I know a group of kids that are blacker than white
And suck more blood than Dracula's wife
With Teeth more sharp that spatulas, knifes, I pocket your life, then exit this cyph
Ha! Not funny like Ray Romano
Wet burritos got you in the baño
You got some wishes? Well I'm the Don yo
All you gotta bring is a Nissan Murano
What do you want a Bowflex or two checks
One for your nuts and one for your crew necks
Oedipus Rex made a trek to poop deck
And guess who is next, punch delivered by FedEx
I flow harder than Wu Tang when they vex
Wipe down my specs lemme see between the text
I suggest that you repress your stress test
Then I will confess I am the absolute best
You're life's a wreck, chin up or get chin checked
I am blessed with the flow that I address
You people of earth from Palmdale to Sussex
I'm near death, I need breath
ENME has been recessed

You my eNME bruh you my eNME
You my eNME, you my eNME
You my eNME, you my eNME
Bruh you my eNME, bruh you my eNME
Gimme outta here!

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