HasHBrown - The Death Penalty [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: HasHBrown
Album: Break Something
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1; hasHBrown]
Infamous character assassinate me, never bruh
I’ve been posted since the day before forever bruh
I’m a menace with the sentence, a master to apprentice
Watch and observe I’ll push the game to the limits
Save your raving rants and controversial stance
It’s hard for giants not to kill a few ants
It’s hard for hash not to show you his wrath
When he’s on the war path I only clash w/ titans
Y’all not a match/ fuck it strike a match to my fire
Gasoline, Kerosene, and Ether when you hear me
In your speaker/ I make gun show music
All I got is new heaters, unregistered divas
I don’t cuff ‘em neither/ plottin’ a ‘takeover’
As I ‘hit ‘em up’ the ‘bitch in you’ is so thirsty
That we had to fill ‘em up you must be
Snortin’ lines, poppin pills or smoking dust
For you to think that you could ever really
Fuck with us!

I guess it’s just a penalty of leadership
I guess I’m what niggas wanna be a shit

[Verse 2: hasHBrown]
You’re a scab of the past, a waste of space
When you record you make trash, yeah such a disgrace
Poor excuse for ‘MC’s’, hipsters dressed in drag
Dipped in swag, talkin’ ‘bout ‘where the cypher at?’
Don’t make me laugh out loud, you’re wack and you’re proud
And all that talkin’ down dog won’t ever be allowed
Respect is earned, not given, history is made first then rewritten
I personify real spittin’, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD
And most of y’all didn’t know I go so hard
Rap Van Winkle, y’all slept too long
Let’s take it to the stage where we drop bombs
This the calm before storm, above average to the norm
I’m a savage ‘Jason Bourne’, contract killer but I’m calm
Watch your words like teleprompters, nightmares and real monsters
Hash’ll break you off something proper


Don’t throw stones in your glass house, my rap style is smash mouth
Thor’s hammer to your dome until your punk ass black out
Let’s compare stats, y’all took our format
And copied it to a floppy disk, I’m ok take it as a diss
My baritone conceals the fact I’m really pissed
Your catalog, unmixed bullshit w/ no hits
Talk crazy if you want dog I’m not a bitch
Married to the game, yeah we got hitched
This is feces rap I spit some real shit
Ill with the pen, chicken shit rappers turned cornish hens
Welcome to the lion’s den, mufasa in the bitch
Ain’t no way I’m not the best, city wide nationwide full of pride
And there’s a reason why you’re scared to coincide on a feature
Afraid if we get together I might beat ya
I’m down the middle, over the place like Tom Seaver
Fuck you non-believers


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