Hassan - Some Scars Will Never Fade [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Hassan
Album: These are the Words I Said (LP)
Data wydania: 2013-01-01
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Caleb Hewitt

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Tekst piosenki

Shards of broken hearts
Leave scars and ugly marks
Of misery

I see her hazel eyes, smooth, grey, dated lines
Aged tastefully, faint wrinkles; shaded fine
I remember every single detail like I painted her
On a canvas with a brush, palette's untainted dyes
For every shade on her face, never fade her beauty
Love casted: everlasting, unconditional to me
Day dreaming in my day tasks, feelings slowly
Lingering in my chest, never withering, hopin'
That I can clock out, walk out, drive up into our house
Kiss her on her lips, skip her heart beats with my mouth
Drooled out, my day dream, awakened slowly
On my desk, every day when I wake up only
To do a dead beat job for a boss who's boiling
Up my anger to a point where I'm loyal to a paycheque
Only to repay debt, savings for a rainy day
Scattered stationery, clock's ticking slower everyday
Today it just stopped, mind's numbing, time's relative
Perception to be free; that's when time ain't relevant
Weeks slow to weekends, weekends pass to work days
And I'm back at it, scribbling memos to the normals
Droids in this cruel world, programmed to be average
I'm sick of the darkness embodied in this labyrinth
My feelings on display, despair performing on soul's cabaret
As hatred dances in a-maze, shocked with reality
Glimmer of some hope and it's piercing through like needle ends
Beauty tends to be the only thing that I'm believing in
(see her beauty tends to be the only thing that I'm believing in)
And then the big hands strikes: a quarter past 8
A rotten time card, a dimming time of day
I can hear thunder roaming, cloudy, now the rain pouring in
Streaks of earth's tears screaming on my window's sill
Walk out the building, lips slightly curve up
Grinning, this feeling, I get to see my baby soon enough
I walk through the puddles, see the sky on the ground
Eerily quiet, even my foot steps made no sound
As I turned on the engine, the ignition gave a slight smoke
In my rear view, water piercing through the dust so
I drive through the quiet roads, inner streets, lamp posts
Flickering, the smell of rain seeping as the air blows
Musky and dense, this natural redolence
Relenting the anguish, I'm as content as I've ever been
Drive through the turnpike, exit through the freeway
Left on the inner street, I pull up on my drive way
The night turned colder, the wind sprints harsh
Rain drops grew louder and the clouds bring dark
I walk up the foot steps, the door was unlocked
So I rotated the handle and the whole world stops
The warmth on the metal made my whole heart drop
I glance across the street, see a white car parked
Hinges creek louder as the light floods dark
My first footstep: notice size twelves jogs
Wetted raincoat on the rack dripping water on the floor
Panels soft from the moisture, I'm lingering on
And I'm hoping my assumption's erroneous so it seems
I'm hesitating walking to the stairs; perilous scene
One step to another like a terrible dream
I'm hearing moans getting louder, unbearable screams
Creaks of springs, situation: eschewal please
(and I swing open the door, I hear is a shriek)
I swing open the door, all i hear is a shriek
Can't move, I'm standing still, I'm unable to speak
And the sight of betrayal make faith easy to leave
Downtempo of time, muffled yelling, she mumbling
She's yelling and she's shrieking, caught in her own atrocity
Some other hollow bullshit; incoherence and dishonesty
Screaming, naked, laying in my bed
With some rotten motherfucker, it's as if i was dead
But I can't take my eyes off her, I'm lost in my mind
My skin's tingling, heart racin', stomach's turning inside
Rush of emotion, love means nothing' to me
I backed away but never took my eyes off of the sleaze
I see through the peripheral, he leaps through the window
Broken heart, broken future, an emotional swindle
And from there it slowly faded, it's the last time I traded
A relation; is a statement of insipid admirations
Trying living with deception, try forgetting all the pain
Shattered hearts are put together but some scars will never fade...

(shattered hearts are put together but some scars will never fade)

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