HoneyChrome - MGK - Breaking News (remix) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: HoneyChrome
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

I'm in brooklyn, from Philly
I gotta flow wanna roll with MG
K, OKKK ya heard my song and it make u wanna rave
Go and get the jack and pills and the pay
Work on the mic, punch clock everyday
Take some time to get to know me
Honey chrome
Type that in G double O G LE
No time to search, feeling lucky
Daft punk, alive
No comparison to other guys
MGK i like ya rhymes
Reach give u a digital high five
Now's my time to rise from the slime
Assume the position that rightly mine
Been there all along, writing my songs
Spotlight flickering ready to come on
Go get em, go get em, go get em honey
Rhymes with money but i got bigger goals
But hey, i wanna roll in a rolls, who doesn't?

Plenty of heat, plenty of steam
Paid attention in physics and chemistry
Cost a whole year of not being me
Now I'm salmon, swimming up stream
To the place where dreams and reality
Come together to meet, bow at my feet
Got my energy, completely
Charged on up, no beep beep
No LED, no battery
Perpetually rising to the 'enth degree
Got the power to make u wanna read
Lyrically it's meant to be
My words are your new philosophy
Go get a teacher to teach 'em please
Not sitting, nope not me
I am the queen, I'm the busy bee
Doing everything i need to succeed
Hey is it gettin chilly?
- did I breathe?
On the track? like that?
Make it all freeze expand and crack
Break out the map, guess where im at
Up to mordor, im up for the task
Said I'm in the cosmos no looking back

No rearview, no mirror, no rewind
No tea time, no lines
Im not waiting, im not hating
Relying divine timing
My bike rims are always shining
When the team meets
And the cameras come
I better shine like I'm on one

Get the job done
Get the rap in and out
Get the stake into the heart of the count
Raise my bank account
No more late rent
No more debt
Living prosperous
Never wanna be obnoxious
If it gets outta hand, I stop it
Not a bystander that does nothing
When a bully attacks I get whiplash
Turn my head too fast and i run to the scene
Some may call it bravery
I call it humanity
Breathe on the mirror
Wipe it down
See clearly now

Hope my pretty words ricochet
Maybe together we can change they
Like an aussie boomerang
Maybe we can make another Big Bang
Science, tattoo it to your eye lids
For later reference
Library sections

Now i say thank you for letting me flow
Said my piece, and it's time to go
Leavin home, on the road
Get me on stage to connect with the crowd
They see my face and hear me and im loud
3 cities been in and out
Got alot to be proud about
Hey honeychrome, when u comin around?
Oh, start the final countdown

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