HRex - Dreams Money Can Buy (Remix) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: HRex
Album: The Super Smash Dro
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Don’t fuck with me

[Verse 1]
We'll make it through these trials and tribulations
You want the stars? I'll give you constellations
You want the cars? No public transportation
Cause girl I own the game like a bought a Playstation
Beautiful girls, I get them cause I can
I may not be the coldest but at least I understand
What it feels to be alone, what it means to be a man
While u be taking notes, I write the master plan (yeah)
My girl look finer in a floral print sundress
Lighting the Kush while I'm watching her undress
I'm throwing ones but I'm stacking up hundreds
Making pro moves so I call these shit progress
And every time, I'm messing with a dime
I like to keep it quiet, reminiscent of a mime
And I don't even care, and I don't really mind
I'm looking for a ten but I can do it with a nine (yeah)
Shout out to Al, Nick, Lou
I do it all for ya'll and you know this shit is true
My weed is from Nepal, My blow is from Peru
And every word I'm spitting's for the High & Mighty Crew
Shout out to Am, Clay, Ash
The girls I'm rolling with like some tickets on the dash
I'm on that G-13, Steve Nash
I do it for the love but don't really mind the cash (nah)


[Verse 2]
Speak now or forever hold your peace
Well I chose to hold my piece so I'm always smoking trees
Bitch falling for me, she be slipping in the shower
Ego-tripping on my power, while I'm puffing on the sour
Diesel, couldn't break me with a hammer and chisel
Cause I'm about to blow like a bomb or a missile
Fizzle, you can hear it snap, crackle, and pop (yeah)
I do it for the city and the love of Hip Hop
And this for H-Town, where all them Cougars be
Joe Ace, Caddy Music till the death of me
We hitting up the Galleria for a shopping spree
Cause honestly I've blown it all on California Trees
Snapback clean, my sweater Supreme
I don't wanna wake up from this American dream
Tiger Woods, I'm all over the green
And fuck whoever hating on my team
Copping Jesus pieces trying to get saved from hell
Eating Reese's pieces getting saved by the bell
Oh well, we stick together, Kenan and Kel
I'm living the sweet life but this is not a hotel
Cause I'm the man that buys her Gucci and Fendi
She's Amanda Bynes how she keep pretending
It's like Tom & Jerry how I chase after the pussy
Everybody loves Raymond but I'm still in love with Lucy


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