INTeLL - The Fever [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: INTeLL
Data wydania: 2015-12-31
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Chris Prythm

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Intell]
I'm an abomination spawn of God and Satan, man my heart is racing
Hardest mason look how far I made it out my mothers basement
Far from patient just a level headed degenerate
Who just announced his own candidacy for president
Cause of tiny remants of that real hip hop is evident
Meanwhile these trash rappers are completely irrelevant
Yeah promising novices diabolical dominance
Fans stay astonished, my comments could melt collagen
Rappers getting nervous my purpose is to abolish them
Lurking upon the surface I'm ready to snatch they oxygen (Gasp)
Never been sicker, I'm nasty like drinking liquour
Through asses of different strippers, with acne and wicked livers
Drop a fucking beat and just ask me to paint a picture
Of dastardly different sinners, unmasking these wicked winners (What?!)
Don't you ever try to play me
I'm way more vicious that rabies or AIDS was in the 80s

Catch the fewer, I set fire to nonbelievers
Combustible untouchable, lines that blow speakers
Now keep up, they already asking what happened
Staten Island's captain and the fire breathing dragon

[Verse 2: Chris Rivers]
Young shinobi on the block though
Stop drop product of pops pocket I got those
Got flows like hoes got no goals to die broke
I been broke but grow, every flow I hit the lotto
Potholes you niggas step to me you drop low
Dragon ain't no birds of a feather but you can flock though
Not pro, you can't flip a word, word to Chapo
All you niggas feed is where your eyes ____ got flows
He been splitting these seeds he's the epedimy
Lyrically when Chris spits turn 'em to hickery
Chicks bickeri, dick slipperi, clit victory
I spit viciously, it's Chris Rivers be glissening
Like who the don move a nuclear bomb inside the booth
______ strike a Buddha palm
Moving calm this my conscious, got a conquest
Trying to be the son of god like Nas flesh

[Verse 3: Intell]
Don't make me send the League of Assasins to come talk to you
Walking through Staten relaxing I do what bosses do
Chilling with the dragon we body bagging your faction
Laughing at street rats that try to stunt like Aladdin
This that cardiac heart attack, spark a match shit, that crack shit
I live in the morgue I'm that sick
Blacksmiths build my iron heart, half iron lion heart
Shining like iron no crying when we go too hard
Such a fascination, black rap assasination
Masticating on these rappers afraid of confrontation
Lyrically been awakened, continue my elevation
Never surpass dad, but I'm damn sure adjascent
Face it my true wisdom, division is like a prism
Thoughts are a cataclysm more bars than has any prison
I gotta let them go like the chinese birthing the women
Hold the hammer like vision and no dishonor was given
Outta Staten, jumping out tracks with a passion
I'm smashing, any bitch looking for action
I'm laughing, whack dudes want what I have
But they lacking, no talents, not even a fraction
My faction full of dudes with that quick reaction
We stacking, nigga, check the dragon's reaction
My captains stay fly, who better than I
Touch a piece of my pie, I take a slice of your hide
When I come through, rappers wish they better than us
Will it come true, never like paraplegics doing kung-fu
Raw Art of War when I draw like Sun Tzu
Who son, never mind us too late
Cause I sonned you like Anakin, everybody start panicking
Lames get exposed, now they moving like mannequins
Call the meth lab, the same campa I'm camping in
I've always been the man that's just damaging any champion
I'm out

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