Jack Flash - There no more - ont' sofa session [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jack Flash
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

He had it all, the perfect wife the job the crib
Living the dream but the dream wasn't his
And a mister routine he was living by
In his eyes you could see he let his ambition die
If he tried he knew he could revive it
But that would mean him making sacrifices
So the life he built his future around
Was slowly beginning to crumble to the ground
He worked in an office block now
A well paid job for a college dropout
Got paid came home to his beautiful wife
He had girls but only ever loved two in his life
See there was another woman he loved for
And no flame he craved the night once more, ?
And deep down he resented his partner, ?
Because she never understand the affection he had but
Now and again he’d act worried and anxious
And his mask of happily married man slipped
And he would tell her work got him stressed out ?
But each lie he told provoke her next doubt
Like tell me where you go every Thursday
Shit come on now you know I have to work late
And despite whatever excuse he said, he would continue visiting another woman's bed


Now as a wife she’d make certain vows
Life if we’re having trouble we would work it out but
She’d been palmed off to often so now she had to know if they did have a problem
So she followed his car to find out
To see what he really did on his Thursday nights out
He left work on time, then he got into his car and drove 100 yard to a hospital
Immediately she thought the worst like whoever he is cheating on me with must be a nurse
And he’s getting her from work, but then she just froze
When he stepped out with flowers and baby clothes
Unable to accept what she saw she put the car in reverse and the pedal to the floor
And drove, to the first place anywhere
And for every tear shed in her life she cried 20 there
If the father of her all three seeds had an illegitimate fourth she knew she’d leave
And so she went home grabbed the kids and packed
And left a letter saying she’s never coming back
When he returned to an empty house
He found that letter and read it out it said
“How could you lie to me you two face fraud, you broke my heart, I can’t be there no more”


He called her every day for two weeks
He couldn't eat or drink and he would lose sleep
Then on the fifteenth day she came home saying no apology will make this heart ache go
So don’t bother with an explanation, do yourself a favour save the breath you’re wasting
He just stood and said let me talk
Because you need to hear this before you walk
When I was seventeen I met my first love
And we were together for five years and a month
And every single day in our time was so passionate
I decided to ask if the girl wanted to get married but
On the very night I planned on asking it
She was hurt in a car in an accident
Some drunk ran red through a traffic light
And that left her brain dead and paralyzed
And now she on life support and yeah I still love her but not like before
But it’s so hard to leave, when the nurse says the only time she smiles is on a Thursday
And the worst part of the story is this
She was eight months pregnant with our kid
So on our anniversary I played the new dad
To recognize the child that we almost had and she said


And she told him the things you hold onto is what’s gonna define you
And you won’t truly be happy as long as you live if you don’t learn to put them behind you
But the day you said I do you made a choice
To be with me now we've had three boys and built a life here that you can’t jeopardize
I’ll get over the fact you told me a set of lies
If you can promise me
Absolute honesty, never go back to see her and move on with me
He took a look at her and replied, I can’t go on without you in my life
So I’m willing to try for my family’s sake but my final goodbye is gonna have to be made
So he went to the hospital sat and kissed her
Let go of her hand leaned over and whispered


After 24 hours of arguing
Explaining, apologizing and bargaining, ?
They began to hug and hold hands but the makeup was delayed when the phone rang
Good evening sir, I spoke to you on the ward I’m the senior nurse
Now I apologize in advance ok, but I have to say tonight she passed away
He dropped the receiver in disbelief
Flash backed to when he kissed her cheek and told her no longer he could come up and visit
He knew that’s when she had given up on living
He turned to his wife and switched and screamed
The blood is on your hands you bitch
Your ultimatum has cost a life
You are not my lover, you are not my wife
His voice filled with hatred, she’s still adjacent
He explained she was just a replacement
Her eyes drowned and every tear poured
He walked away saying I’ll be there no more like

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