Jacob Nash - Twisted Freedom [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jacob Nash
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Hala-X

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Tekst piosenki

This is America, where we're all about freedom
You can say what you want and you can offend someone
You can do what you want and you can have some fun
You can be what you want. You don't have to listen to anyone
You can have whatever you want. You can pack a gun
You can choose your religion. You can be Muslim
You can take drugs if you want, as long as you have some
In America, we're all about freedom

[Verse 1]
Thank God that we get to live in a free country;
A country that stands for the rights of people like me;
A country with freedom of religion and freedom of speech;
A country with freedom to teach and freedom to preach;
A country that will let me say whatever I want on a song
It's okay for me to say something that may be sick or wrong
It's okay for me to say something stupid like a moron
It's okay for me to stay awake late and go to bed at dawn
It's okay for me to believe in God or choose to be a skeptic
It's okay for me to say whatever I want to in my music
I can be artistic. I can even be sick and twisted
I can even be one of the darkest rappers that ever existed
I can either be conscious or not. I can be dirty or clean
I can be crude on a verse. I can be nasty and mean
I can talk about sex and drugs. I can talk about punks and thugs
I can talk about crips and bloods. I can talk about pimps and clubs
I can actually do all of that. I can do whatever I want with my life
I can sleep around. If I were married, I could cheat on my wife
I can be a gangster. I can be a hustler and run the streets
I can sell drugs to kids if I want and I can shoot at police
I can do whatever it takes to live out the American dream
And I might have to break a few laws for me to make a living
If I get locked up for any of it, I can try to break back out
I don't have to learn a lesson. I decide what my life is about
I can do what I please. I don't have to be politically correct
I don't have to be morally correct, but you're free to object


[Verse 2]
You better respect my freedom when you're in my presence
If you violate it at all, there's the exit. Get out and good riddance
Stay out of my personal bubble. I'm free to have my own space
The last thing I need is some stranger breathing in my face
Don't criticize me or judge me for whatever dirt that I do
I shouldn't have to take any verbal abuse from people like you
In fact, don't even talk to me, unless I give you permission to
I shouldn't have to listen to your voice, unless I choose to
You may have freedom of speech, but no one has to listen to you
I'm free to ignore you and that's exactly what I'll do
You may have freedom of religion too, but you can't impose it on me
Don't even bother with evangelizing, because you can't convert me
You can't impose your beliefs on me and tell me that I'm wrong
You should just leave me alone and let me work on my song
And while I'm performing at a concert, you had better cheer
My fans better cheer loud enough, so that I can't help but hear
I should be able to have whatever I want and I want a good crowd
I want fans enthusiastic enough to make me proud
And I had better not to have to listen to anyone hate on me
Everybody's free to listen to me, so everyone better appreciate me
So if any of you don't have anything good to say about me
You better have all of your conversations without me
Keep me out of your mouth, because I want to keep my reputation
If you insist on talking bad about me, I'll have to take legal action
I'll take you to court on charges of defamation
That's the way we do things in a nation that believes in freedom


[Verse 3]
Okay. That's enough for playing the devil's advocate
I don't agree with everything I just said, but there is some truth to it
It's a free country, so you can do whatever you want and say whatever you please
But before doing something, you should think about other people's needs
It's a free country, but freedom is supposed to go both ways
Everybody else has freedom too, so you can't get your way always
Think about other people, before acting selfishly
We shouldn't be taking exercising our own freedom too seriously
We should all learn to show respect for the freedom of others
We need to show some respect for each of our neighbor's boarders
What we've got to do is find some kind of a happy medium
Between the freedom or ourselves and everybody else's freedom
I know I'm free to do so, but I'll never diss anyone else on my album
Well, I might make an exception, but I'll always try to have respect for them
Instead of hating back, I'll try ignoring all the haters
If people complain about my music, I'll just turn down the speakers
This is my music and I'll never force anyone else to listen to it
We should have fun and do what we want, but we've got to be considerate
That's why I don't cuss in my raps, because some people don't like it
And swearing's really just a bad habit and I don't want to feed it
I don't want to do anything that could leave anyone else offended
But I won't let that stop me from making a song that I feel is needed
Try to remember that when you hear me say something controversial
I'm probably just making a point and it's all political
The point of this song is that freedom isn't an excuse to act a fool
For a free society to function, we've got to follow the golden rule

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