Jacob Nash - Underground [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jacob Nash
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: 2Deep

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Tekst piosenki

I'm unsigned and unhyped
There's no hope but I still write
I'm not dope, but I don't even care
Because I've got some music to share
I've got some lyrics I want you to hear

[verse 1]
Yo, I'm underground, it's like being six feet under the ground
It's like I'm dead and I can't even make a sound
Because I'm not noticed by anybody around
This is the polar opposite of being renowned
I could be the best rappers around or even the best hands down
It still wouldn't matter. I still couldn't be found
You see for now, I'm stuck in a state of obscurity
I rhyme, but no one feels me and I rap, but no one hears me
I guess I must be amiss by trying to go through with this
Because, I just can't seem to even get noticed
How am I supposed to go through with this?
How am I supposed to rise to fame?
How do I get the industry to acknowledge my name?
Maybe I can't. Maybe all of this really is hopeless
Maybe there's no hope for me ever getting noticed
I guess my dream to be a rapper is really just bogus
I think I might be destined to be destitute and homeless
Because I'm not rich and I don't know if I'll make any money with this
Should I join a band to have more family members as fans?
Because I still don't have any fans. Maybe I'll find some tomorrow
I probably won't though. There's got to be someone I should know
Someone to give me a go and to hear me bust my flow
Who can turn me from a zero into some kind of a hero
Someone that I could meet to get me back on two feet
And keep me off of the street, and provide me with some new beats?
I'm tired of being a bum. I'm stumped. I need to find someone
There's got to be someone to get me out of this slump
And get me out of this dump. I just want to rap and I'm pumped
But if I try doing this all on my own, I'll never make myself known
I just need to find some way to get myself signed
But nothing's coming to mind. I guess for now I'm unsigned
I'm underground


[verse 2]
Some day, I may blow up and become famous
I don't need the fame though, but I do need enough to live off this
So it's time to make some changes to my unsigned status
Enough hobby rapping, it's time for me to get serious
I'm not joking, I seriously plan to make a living off rapping
But before I can do that, I've got to try to write something
I'll write more rhymes which will give you a peice of my mind
And I'll rap them well enough to get myself signed
But how will I ever get signed
When I scarcely have the motivation to write one more line?
If you were to ask me how it's going, I'd just that it's say fine
But it's not fine. I don't have enough time for the truth, so I'm lying
And I don't want to whine, so I'll save just us some time
You probably don't want to hear the truth anyway
Because I don't have anything cheerful to say
Even on a good day, I'm still not okay
If I had to be honest, I'd say I want to die today
Because I'm sick of being a bum. It's all that I've become
It's like I'm lazy and dumb. My life hasn't been any fun
But I just need a contract. I need to find someone with one
If I don't make it big, we might have to sell the farm
I can't let us sell the farm. I've got to save the farm
But most of all, I've got to move away from the farm
You want to know how it's going? Well, here's a few hints
My life is the pits and I'm sick of living off of my parents
I've got to build up confidence and prove to everyone that I can do this
I need to step it up if I want to go through with this
It's time to pick up the slack. It's too late to turn back
I may not be black, but does that make me whack?
I can't let that hold me back. I need to make some more tracks
I need to get a contract and I'll make it big perhaps
But for now I'm underground


[verse 3]
I know I'm underground and I still haven't been signed
But I'm going to fix all that soon. That's what I've got in mind
I was made to get signed. That's just how I was designed
I was designed to rap and I'm inclined to rap
But I have to get signed if I want to put myself on the map
Rap is the point to my life. That's why I use my time to write
That's the reason I sometimes don't even go to bed at night
Because I'm too busy reading through my lyrics
And scribbling them out to rewrite
I rewrite each song until I get it just right
But is it right when rap is the only point to my life?
Should I be trying something else such as finding a wife?
Should I get an actual job and live a normal life?
Should I just play it safe and put rap out of my sight?
No, that's not my decision. That's not even an option
That's not in my vision and I won't let it happen
I'll never give up or even consider quitting
I'll just keep going and spit each line with precision
I've done too much with rap to go back on it now
I'll sign to a label as soon as God allows
I'm fed up with farming. It just isn't for me
I think that I'm meant to be some kind of a celebrity
I'm somebody you should see when you turn on the TV
I shouldn't be rapping for free. I should be an emcee
This has got to become more to me than just another hobby
It's about time for me to start rapping professionally
But I want all of you to see that I'm not only rapping for me
I don't want to make music selfishly
Greedy rappers are definitely not lacking in this industry
This is for all the fans and for God, not me
This goes out to everybody who is going to listen to me
It's time to try to get signed


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