Jaili - Eye Try [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jaili
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

You’re supposed to understand me
You’re supposed to be my family
I’m doing this for you
I want to be the best I can be but all I get is doubt
I need a new way out
I got inspiration now
I gotta get my statements out

Treating myself to cookies in the Milky Way
I pray to God that I get to see another day
But as I take each hit I see it fade away
(But as I take each hit I see it fade away)

I need some time alone so I can think straight
Bended thoughts from too much pot and Zombie mixtapes
I hope I get to heaven’s gates
But in the meantime under these skies I meditate

Dreams of lasting forever with my princess
I really tried but I guess I’m just the next ex
I feel vexed but there’s nothing I can do
And I came a long way but it means nothing to you

I started on my journey on this road to Zion
And I yelling, “Fuck you” if you try to pry on…
What I’ve achieved
And these niggas know I got the flow to make, all of you believe

What happens after death?
No one really know?
Corrupted minds aren’t hard to find and it really shows
Going harder than fifty blows
A martyr with a shifty pose
Going farther than all you clones

I wonder if I can get a profit off these messages
I’m burning niggas and these ashes are what’s left of it
It’s evident...
That I’ma shine, no matter what the weather is

Reminiscing on the days when everything was easy
And now niggas on the bottle till they feeling queasy
Believe me…
I know it’s hard
So I try to maintain, by molding these bars

I try to thrive
But it’s just hard livin’
It’s easier to give in
But I know I can’t give in (x2)

[Verse 2]
These streets will get you
If you have nothing to protect you
Buddha baggies under the mattress in my bedroom
If I’m lucky, I’ll live until I’m twenty-five
So the main problem for me, is tryna stay alive
But I still gotta get paid and maintain while I get mine
Me and my niggas ‘bout to set it off like Columbine
So I don’t really care about what you heard
Puff puff pass don’t be the last nigga with the herb

We moving through like a pack of wolves after a plate a food
These jealous dudes getting mad while I bend the rules
I’m unusual
So forget you and your cubicles
That lifestyle is dead to me
You’re meant to be like cuticles
It’s beautiful…
How I go in so smooth
And then strike like a lion when I’m tempted in the booth
I’m presenting what is true
The only thing I resent is the resentful things I do

(Man, why you always rapping?)
Cause I can’t hold this shit
The ink flowing like a river when I use this pen
Come again
Got Collard Greens playing in the den
Tell a friend this is that shit that you can’t amend

I won’t change unless it’s for the better
Bring a sweater
Cause what I spit is cold
I’m altering the weather
(I said I’m altering the weather)

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