Javi B. - Metaphysics [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Javi B.
Album: King of Cool EP
Data wydania: 2013-12-25
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Flying Lotus

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Tekst piosenki

(Verse 1: Javi B)
Make your mind up stop talking if you ain't gonna act on it
Like every girl in my life who ever turned they back on him
Whether turning the other cheek or giving up the ass
When all was said and done my past was never really my last
So funny, I'm that hypocrite I said on Mo Money
You reap what you sow, but it seams that this path was sewn for me
I question religion so angels can't run from me
But people think that Satan is my savior, no dummy
Evil is what you make it so if you believe in Satan
You'll receive a lack of greatness and failure is contagious
Not retainable since the orthodontist took off my braces
Bracing for when I put metal to my mouth to end the rages
When Jesus was a fetus did he believe in believers?
Did he dream of sacrificing his life to oversee us?
Did he ever understand that the truth is that he needs us
Because if nobody tries then his successors ain't succeeded

(Verse 2: Waste)
Just to catch a moment to my self
Lately I've been up on all my wealth, HELP
I need someone to compliment my tendencies
And recognize at the same time all that's left of me
Yea that's the best of me and when I'm in the mood
I can murder cats recklessly hear a thump on my mind saying rest in peace
But I ain't out of time I gotta reach my destiny
Simply focusing on all things wrecking me
But at the moment noticing all the reasons I've yet to see
Perceptively I sentence thee to go and reckon senselessly
To whatever is yet to be majestically correcting
Of all imperfections neglected, such diplomatic discretion
I'm rolling without a message and dually paring the letters
Just to gain a better focus for ya'll
Hoping someone notices that all the words are in drought
That is to say in scripture that our time is coming
Just make sure you wipe your face
And get back to all your lovings
Make a simplistic difference, nobody rising above it
Don't act like a puppet, just reach a plug to get you out the brainwash
Let you get an advance just to help all the pain stop
Just waiting on my chance just in case all the fame stops
Now let the flame drop
Like let the rain drop

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