Jaxx - Dark Side [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jaxx
Data wydania: 2015-11-19
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Ade
Tekst: Josiah

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Tekst piosenki

I ain't glorifying shit but it was gully where i'm bought up
Sixteen year olds tell your dad come round corner, yeah
New balenciagas now he moving aggy
Boy dont think you won't get gta'ed out your uber taxi, hol up
Im done being emo for a second
This a tune for all my niggas
I been cooking in the kitchen
Blood all over my fingers
I'm just tryna keep the stove hot
Yeah, you know what?
I swear them man are so so, them man are not great
Them man are not sick, them man are just bait
But niggas gassing up their shit because they're know around the ends
But I mean everybody begging guess its okay no way
Tell em other niggas that we dont play
Whole team sinners but we tryna dress in all saints
Yeah boy I spit yay I can do this all day
Zoning out to nines whilst I blow eighths
I swear she fell in love the with the blow
Scratch that she fell in love with the flow
Before I started rapping no she didn't wanna know
But now she name dropping when she play me to her girls, what a hoe
I do this for my family, I do this for my bros
Get my nigga's wrist flicking when he play this on the road
Doing doughnuts in the lidl car park no regards for the law
Screaming fuck the feds till they come like

Fuck it dont provoke me, never salty just pepper the riddim
Dont push it, you shouldn't go on like you that nigga
Raised in a jungle like mowgli, we dont attack with emojis
See em fumble when they got it
They ain't bout it and we know it
And they know it
So why they acting like they potent
If the shit you do is dank i'll, quit smoking
Hairline like stormzy why the fuck am I not blowing
I been blacking out on every track, going going going
Sun tanning in my garden like, am I blick yet
Activate skengmode, gotta flip shit
When I get it right,you can, get out of mentions
Like nigga you werent there when I had to put a shift in

Like where your ass was at when I was sweating in my kitchen
Where your ass was at when I was late night stressing
Where your ass was at when I nearly found depression
Cos them insecurites nearly took me over edges
You was zoning out to drake, turning up to future
Didn't care for my past, like nigga keep it moving
Didn't care for my vision like my image wasn't sick
Until I turned that shit into a gif
And now I got these bitches in my DMs offer pussy as a gift
Gift wrap the kitty like she mr tinkles in this bitch, lord
I swear I used to chase after a bitch
But now theres a price on my dick so im screaming out

Tell a hoe stay in your lane
Niggas nowadays dont discriminate
Feminist can get the left and the rights like they wanted fuck you saying?
Bullets nowadays ain't got a name okay
She a slut so shes used to taking semis to the face
No I do not wanna be your babes
Fifa 16 only time ill run game
Bitch I get it in get the fuck out my face

When my tunes drops, knickers drop too
You know how it goes, you know hoes
Quick fellatio, then its bye felicia
Get the uber home, save the student code
Fuck im paying for you get student loan no?
This my young thugga hit em with the buddha flow
Yeah im with it I thought you should know

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