Jay Abkari - '03 Adolescence/A Tale of 2 Citiez [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jay Abkari
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

'03 Adolescence:
"Everybody's on this rap shit."
Umm, I think I know that
It's been almost 8 years -
And nothing's been able to hold back -
My confidence to pop off -
Even when they said "you're so whack."
I'll never have a change of heart -
Cause this is where my soul at
It probably sounds crazy -
But it's cold where I'm from
I thought you's from Miami -
Where it's warm with that sun
Everybody swear they cool -
But in the heat of the moment -
It's a bunch of cold feet -
And no heat with a gun
Now I ain't looking for problems -
But I got homies with ARs
I won't pull the trigger -
But I'll sure that they spray y'all
Watch your mouth cause Nina -
Might hit ya for what you say, dawg
I don't take threats kindly -
So I'll make sure that you stay gone
Ridin' 'round in a Civic -
Taking over the city
These n****s be burning bridges -
Then wonder why no one with it
I gave them the shows -
Showed 'em the road -
To all the riches -
But they was just hoes -
And didn't know how to handle business
I'm seriously tired of waiting -
Cause everyday I'm debating -
Whether people still want hip-hop -
Or accustomed to all that fake shit
I got a purpose -
And I know that it's to save it
I'm not playing
I'm half greatness -
Half Asian when I'm blazing
I'm paper chasing
I'll do whatever to make it
My grind is now at its finest -
That's why everybody hates me
I don't sugarcoat shit
I make clear statements
Life just ain't sweet
Not from what I've tasted

A Tale of 2 Citiez:
There was a time where -
I ain't had a pot to piss in -
And I still ain't see no opposition -
Now I'm out here politicking -
With some villains in the villas
I swear this the greatest feeling -
Next to getting pussy
Shouts to Pac, shouts to Big -
Shouts to Nas too
I'm the chef now, I don't need to call Wu
Not every great rapper need to rock jewels -
Like it don't take bars to know Ja Rule
I can kill 'em with the hook; Kareem Abdul
In this case, I don't need law school
Pre-game in the car, that's a car pool
Don't front baby, Abkari taught you
Only God knows what I've gone through -
And only God knows what I'm gon' do
John 2:11
I'm on the stairway to heaven
I had a talk with my reverend
He said that my word a blessing
They talking shit, imma check 'em
My city is what I'm repping
The only time that they got me -
Is any time that I let 'em
I'm chillin' here smoking reefer
Let's kick it like FIFA
I don't fuck with no broke hoes
My chick a diva
I be making money by trading my sneakers
Pretty n**** -
Gotta cuff for a pair of Adidas
Most of my shoes got the swoosh -
And I ain't talking Yeezus
Fuck with the boy
You gon' rest in pieces
You n****s ain't no rappers, you a ratchet hoe
N**** got high and thought he had a flow
I be saying shit these n****s wanna quote
N****s tryna follow anything I'm on
So back up -
Before my dawgs start to act up
I'll make one call -
Worth more than all your trash talk
Ash my blunt on yo' ass
That's yo' ass' fault
Turn your ass into asphalt, pussy

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