Jay Abkari - Straight Outta My Mind [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jay Abkari
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

I'm straight outta my mind -
And I'm fine as ever
Little boy better get it together
Y'all do not see that there's levels
It's okay, you don't know better
(My moms taught me better.)
If you know me, I burn hella
Why niggas taxing regular?
(Hell na.)
That's a dilemma
I'm on my Nelson Mandela
My niggas from the favelas
Come through and get severed
I hit it first, you get seconds
We don't take breaks, we break records
This is a courtesy letter
Imma mu'fucking legend
Young nigga repping
I'm still in the west end
I'm grinding until I expand like Westons
My mind is a weapon
I'm high off Excedrin
There's no time for resting
I stay up
I stay on top of it
This my Metropolis
Now they give compliments -
Cause they see I got the condiments
I got the sauce
These niggas want beef -
But they lying through they teeth
Man, I know you don't want this shit
Fuck with the fam we go bonkers
You ain't want no problems
I thought it was common sense
I guess common sense ain't that common
In that case will you please -
Keep your comments
They tell me I'm supposed to be -
If so then how the hell did I manage
This walking ball of energy -
With panties
Yeah, we do thangs
Through the good & the mood swings
Everyday is a new day
Ooh mayne
Now they be like you changed -
Cause I got a boo thang
That don't change shit
I'm still the top of the food chain
Rap game Bruce Wayne
My niggas robbin'
This is Gotham -
Full of jokers and penguins -
And hella dirty coppers
I feel my spidey sense tingle
I'll take out any monster
As long as I got Mary Jane -
And my baby momma -
I stay on my Lois Lane
(Superman these hoes.)
It's Jay Abkari
Now you know the name
You didn't know?
You gonna know today
I'm married to the money
It'll never go away
Kick game like Eastbay
I'm balling like EA
I've been had this game, had it prepaid
My dawgs down run it like relays
I ain't even slept like in three days
I'm one in a million like sweepstakes
Benihana is a cheap date
Let's make some plans
Yeah, I'm the man
I don't watch Netflix and chill
I got my girl On Demand
I do not wait for the bed
I go in on sofa
She ain't going home -
So she don't need no chauffeur
I hit in the morning again -
And again and again and again -
Cause she don't like to hold up
She love how I roll up
(I love it babe.)
She love when I pour up
(I do.)
To tell you the truth -
I love her like pussy, money, weed -
Cars, clothes and shoes
Nigga, what's new?
I'm loyal to my motherland
That's word to Uncle Sam
Hit you with bars, call it Summer Slam
This is my summer jam
I need me a hunnid grand
There's not another man -
That can do what I'm doing
I'm the influence
Do not confuse it -
I am about to get high..
Straight outta, straight outta my mind

Straight outta my mind...
Straight outta my mind...
Straight outta, straight outta my mind

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